News Headlines - 25 May 2011

▽Barack Obama hosts banquet for the Queen at US Embassy - Telegraph.co.uk
US President Barack Obama hosted a dinner in honour of the Queen tonight as the two heads of state said their farewells.

▽Ash respite for UK air travellers - BBC
Most flights have resumed across the UK after a day that saw thousands of passengers affected by an ash cloud from the erupting Icelandic volcano.

▽Apple fights fake anti-virus software vendors - Reuters
The company has issued a security advisory warning to customers about a recent scam that infects Macs with malicious software that wrongly tells them their computer is infected with a virus. The ultimate goal is to get credit card numbers and other valuable personal information.

▽Zuckerberg and Schmidt warn on over-regulation of web - BBC
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google boss Eric Schmidt have warned governments worldwide not to over-regulate the internet.

▽Twitter acquires UK’s TweetDeck for $40m - Financial Times
Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, a UK-based company whose application helps users of the microblogging site organise social media messages, giving Twitter more direct control of its most energetic, sophisticated user base.







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