News Headlines - 26 May 2011

▽Eurotunnel to carry electricity from France to UK - Telegraph.co.uk
Electricity will flow between Britain and France alongside Eurostar trains, after the operator of the Channel Tunnel unveiled a €250m (£217m) plan to run a cable under the sea.

▽Twitter's European boss warns users may face court - BBC
Twitter's new European boss has suggested that users who break privacy injunctions by posting on the site could face the UK courts.

▽In US call for Americans to leave Yemen, a forecast of harder times ahead - Christian Science Monitor
Illustrating its limited options, the US, again, urges the president of Yemen to step down. A call for Americans to leave the country is further evidence of official pessimism.

▽Burberry embarks on £200m spending spree to check out Asian markets - Daily Mail
Britain's biggest luxury goods maker has embarked on a £200million spending spree after setting its sights on the swelling ranks of the emerging market elite.

▽Google reveals mobile payment plan - Financial Times
Google and a group of partners including Sprint Nextel, Citibank and MasterCard plan to jump-start the mobile payments market in the US with a system based on a free ‘Google Wallet’ app and a technology called NFC (Near Field Communications.)







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