News Headlines - 27 May 2011

▽3.5 minutes of terror: Air France crash dropped at 10,000 feet a minute - Telegraph.co.uk
Passengers on an Air France flight plunged for three and a half minutes before crashing into the Atlantic, killing all 228 on board, after it lost speed and stalled while the main pilot was resting, the first evidence from black boxes has found.

▽War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague Prepares for Mladic Arrival - Voice of America
While Ratko Mladic is undergoing extradition proceedings in Belgrade, the Yugoslav war crimes Tribunal in The Hague is getting ready for his eventual arrival. The former military leader of the Bosnian Serbs faces charges there of genocide, murder and persecution for crimes that span the whole of the 1990’s Bosnian War.

▽Pakistani military worried about collaborators - Washington Post
Embarrassed by the Osama bin Laden raid and by a series of insurgent attacks on high-security sites, top Pakistani military officials are increasingly concerned that their ranks are penetrated by Islamists who are aiding militants in a campaign against the state.

▽New Routemaster tested by mayor - BBC
Mayor of London Boris Johnson has put a prototype of the new Routemaster bus through its paces.

▽Google sued by PayPal in Silicon Valley's mobile war - Telegraph.co.uk
Google is being sued by online payments company PayPal for allegedly stealing its secrets less than 24 hours after the search engine unveiled a technology to allow consumers to use their phones as credit cards.







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