News Headlines - 28 May 2011

▽Sharon Shoesmith tells of her anger at being dismissed by Ed Balls on live TV - The Guardian
Shoesmith, who was director of children's services there when he died in August 2007, said: "I'm very relieved to read the judgment but this started with the death of a child, so there's no great joy in that sense. I'm relieved [that what I experienced] has been recognised, but always with that sadness at the death of a child at the heart of the story."
She is still angry, however, at her brutal treatment at the hands of Ed Balls, the former children's secretary who dismissed her without warning during a live televised press conference in December 2008.

▽David Cameron spent £680,000 of taxpayers' cash on Downing Street - The Guardian
David Cameron has spent more than £680,000 of public money renovating Downing Street in the year that his government inflicted the biggest ever spending cuts across the public sector.

▽'I don't understand a thing', pilot yelled - TODAYonline
An Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic claiming 228 lives dropped 11,600m in three-and-a-half minutes before slamming belly first into the ocean.
French air accident experts published a chilling chronology of events that showed the three Air France pilots battling to regain control on flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in a heavy thunderstorm on the morning of June 1, 2009.

▽Android Market is harder to crack than Apple's App Store - Inquirer
It appears that developers targeting users of the Android operating system have a harder job than those making apps for Apple's Iphones and Ipads. The research discovered that only two paid applications on the Android Market have passed the 500,000 download mark.

▽WWII code-cracking computer rebuilt at Bletchley - BBC
A working replica of a computer that cracked secret Nazi messages in World War II has been completed.
Engineers at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire built the Tunny machine using discarded blueprints.







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