News Headlines - 30 May 2011

▽Fifa should re-run the World Cup 2022 vote after scandal - Mirror.co.uk
AFTER another breathtaking day of allegations from within Fifa, the decision to give Qatar the 2022 World Cup must be overturned.
At the very least, the vote has to be re-run, following the corruption claims surrounding Mohamed bin Hammam, the Qatari Fifa delegate credited with delivering the showpiece to his country.

▽British holidaymaker murdered in Portugal may be third linked death - Mirror.co.uk
A HOLIDAYMAKER left dying in a pool of blood was murdered by a gang who may also have been responsible for two earlier attacks on tourists.

▽Bionic eye at £53,000 can be implanted in UK after EU approval - Herald Sun
A BIONIC eye that enables blind people to see has been cleared for implantation in British patients after it was granted approval by European regulators.
The artificial retina is the first device of its kind to move from the laboratory to the clinic, after a trial of 30 patients, ten of whom were treated in Britain, has shown that it can safely restore some vision to people who have lost their sight to a genetic disease, The Times of London said today.

▽Lockheed Martin Hit By Security Breach - Wall Street Journal
Hackers may have infiltrated the networks of top U.S. weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin Corp., according to a person with knowledge of the attacks.
The security disruptions, reported Thursday by Reuters, prompted the company to step up measures to protect its data. It wasn't immediately clear if any sensitive information was stolen or compromised.

▽ARM aiming for 50% share of mobile processor market by 2015 - Pocket Gamer.Biz
Intel has made taking on ARM's current superiority in the smartphone and tablet processor market a prime target for Oak Trail, its new processor platform.
In total, the company has claimed up to 35 devices will ship with Oak Trail equipped before the end of 2011.







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