News Headlines - 31 May 2011

▽Disgraced Tory peer Lord Taylor jailed for expenses scam - Mirror.co.uk
A DISGRACED Tory peer was branded a liar yesterday as he was jailed for 12 months for fiddling his expenses.
Lord Taylor of Warwick, 58, claimed bogus travel and overnightallowances worth £11,277.

▽Titanic launch 100th anniversary marked by Belfast flare - Telegraph.co.uk
The 100th anniversary of the Titanic's launch has been marked at a commemorative event in Belfast. 

▽Cucumbers in clear – so what is causing deadly E.coli outbreak? - The Independent
After days of recriminations that threatened new inter-European trade wars, the German authorities conceded last night that contaminated Spanish cucumbers are not, after all, to blame for a mystery illness which has claimed the lives of 16 people and infected more than 1,200 others.
It has now emerged that many more women than men are falling ill in what is now one of the world's most deadly E.coli outbreaks.

▽Small earthquake in Blackpool, major shock for UK's energy policy - The Independent
The controversial new drilling operation for natural shale gas in Lancashire has been suspended following a second earthquake in the area that may have been triggered by the process.

▽Ultrabooks Unveiled: Super-Slim Laptops With Intel Inside - PCWorld
Intel is hoping to see a new class of thin and light laptops based around its chips. The computers, called Ultrabooks, are expected around the end of this year. One such machine, the Asus UX, was demonstrated during an Intel keynote speech at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.







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