News Headlines - 01 June 2011

▽Bike-riding serial sex attacker stalks Cambridge students - Telegraph.co.uk
Cambridgeshire Police have launched Operation Majesty to catch the offender who is believed to have first struck in August last year. He is so far known to have attacked nine women. Eight of his victims studied at the university.

▽Google users come under Chinese attack - Telegraph.co.uk
A concerted Chinese campaign to hack in to the personal email accounts of senior US government officials, Chinese political activists, military personnel and journalists has been uncovered by Google.

▽Virulent E. Coli Strain Spreads in Germany and Puzzles Health Officials - New York Times
An unusually lethal strain of E. coli bacteria has infected more than 1,500 people in Germany, mystifying public health officials, ravaging Spain’s agricultural heartland, and touching off panic in Europe as people weighed whether it was safe to eat raw vegetables.

▽IAEA: Japan underrated threat to plant - Newsday
Japan did not properly protect its nuclear plants against tsunami threats before the March 11 disaster that caused radiation to spew from the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant, a preliminary report released yesterday by international nuclear experts concluded.

▽Japan PM Naoto Kan faces Fukushima no-confidence vote - BBC
Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has rejected calls for his resignation, after opposition parties tabled a motion of no-confidence against him.







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