News Headlines - 02 June 2011

▽Japan ruling party resumes bickering over when PM will quit - Reuters
Japan's fractious ruling party resumed its bickering on Friday after Prime Minister Naoto Kan hinted he wanted to keep his job into the new year, angering rivals who had voted down a no-confidence motion in return for a promise he'd quit.

▽Deadly E. coli strain in Europe is rare - USA Today
A deadly E. coli strain, blamed for 18 food poisoning deaths in Europe as of Thursday, is one never seen before and appears uniquely toxic, health experts say.

▽War on drugs ‘a failure,’ international panel declares  - Globe and Mail
World consumption of cocaine and opiates has shot up in the past decade. Cartel violence rages in Mexico. West Africa has become a cocaine-trafficking hub.
A high-powered panel of former heads of states and United Nations officials says it is time for governments to find new ways to deal with the world’s drug problem.

▽Sony suffers fresh hacker attack - Financial Times
Sony has suffered another attack from hackers resulting in the loss of more than 1m customer account details, the latest in a string of security breaches that have undermined confidence in the Japanese electronics and media group.

▽Gmail Hack Targeted White House - Wall Street Journal
People who work at the White House were among those targeted by the China-based hackers who broke into Google Inc.'s Gmail accounts, according to one U.S. official.
The hackers likely were hoping the officials were conducting administration business on their private emails, according to lawmakers and security experts.







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