News Headlines - 05 June 2011

▽Yemen Eyewitness: They sang. They danced. Some even slaughtered cows - The Independent
The capital's main square erupted in jubilation at the news that the 33-year-long rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh might finally be over. They danced. They screamed. They sang.
The party was already in full swing by the early hours of yesterday morning.

▽Bean Sprouts Are New E. Coli Suspect - Wall Street Journal
German officials said late Sunday that domestically grown bean sprouts may be the source of the Escherichia coli outbreak that has killed 22 people and sickened at least 1,600.
German authorities have yet to complete testing to determine whether the E. coli strain traced to a northern German bean-sprout farm is a match to the deadly cases that have affected people from 12 countries.

▽Madagascar's record of biodiversity: 600 species discovered in a decade - The Guardian
More than 600 new species have been discovered in Madagascar's unique habitats in the past decade, among them 385 plants, 42 invertebrates, 17 fish, 69 amphibians, 61 reptiles and 41 mammals, according to a report published by the conservation group WWF.

▽The Cloud Floats Closer to Consumers - Wall Street Journal
Two technology conferences this week in typically sunny California will focus on bringing the cloud to consumer computers... On Monday, Apple Inc. is expected to use its annual developers gathering in San Francisco to unveil a streaming-music service. The product will likely allow gadget owners to mirror their music libraries at Apple's data centers and access them via the Internet, a paradigm known as cloud computing... At the videogame industry's E3 conference in Los Angeles, console makers Sony Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. are expected to discuss ambitious plans for their entertainment devices. Many of those will revolve around cloud computing specifically or connected gaming more broadly.

▽Latest Hack Shows Sony Didn't Plug Holes - PCWorld
The records were posted by the hacking group LulzSec last week as a demonstration that Sony had not fixed the fundamental, enterprisewide security flaw that had allowed hackers to take over a series of its other networks.







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