News Headlines - 08 June 2011

▽German E.coli hunt refocused on cucumbers - Irish Times
IT’S THE cucumbers again. A week after discounting Spanish cucumbers as the source of Germany’s E.coli epidemic, authorities have isolated a contaminated cucumber in the household waste of an infected family.

▽Facebook under fire for photo tagging feature - AFP
Facebook is coming under fire for a feature that uses facial recognition software to allow members to tag pictures of their friends on the social network.

▽Wii U gets mixed reaction from gamers and stock markets - The Guardian
The stock market hated it: Nintendo's stock fell by 5% to ¥16,970 – taking it down to levels last seen before the original Wii launched in 2006. Analysts said they were unsure how well it would be able to compete against smarpthones and tablet-based products such as the iPad, especially when device-based gaming already has to vie for time with fast-growing social networks.

▽Phone-hacking scandal widens to include Kate Middleton and Tony Blair - The Guardian
Pressure is building on the Metropolitan police to expand their phone-hacking inquiry to include a notorious private investigator who was accused in the House of Commons on Wednesday of targeting politicians, members of the royal family and high-level terrorist informers on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's News International.

▽National Crime Agency details outlined by Theresa May - BBC
The proposed National Crime Agency (NCA), which is to replace the Serious Organised Crime Agency, will have the authority to instruct police and other agencies, the home secretary says.







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