News Headlines - 09 June 2011

▽Temporary migrants to lose right to remain - AFP
Migrants who come to the UK to work on temporary visas will no longer be able to apply to remain here permanently, under plans announced by the government on Thursday... Under the new plans visas would be reclassified as either "temporary" or "permanent", with stricter criteria for those who want to stay.

▽Attorney general rules out new David Kelly inquest - The Guardian
A fresh inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly has been rejected by the attorney general, Dominic Grieve, after he concluded there was "overwhelmingly strong" evidence that the government weapons inspector took his own life.

▽How the Angry Birds are taking on Mickey Mouse - Telegraph.co.uk
Rovio, the company behind, Angry Birds, the incredibly addictive mobile phone game, has announced its intention to make the movie of its most popular export in-house.
The Finnish creators of the game, in which players destroy greedy pigs using irate feather-winged creatures, have huge ambitions to make Angry Birds as much a part of pop culture as say Mickey Mouse or Super Mario.

▽Prince Philip at 90: still sees no need to apologise, or explain, or emote - The Guardian
The Queen's consort does much good work – including 300 engagements a year – but all we remember are his gaffes

▽Ryan Giggs: 'sex addict' Manchester United star 'had third affair' - Telegraph.co.uk
Ryan Giggs, the embattled Manchester United star, had a two-year affair with a third woman, it has been reported, amid claims from his family that he is a "sex addict".







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