News Headlines - 11 June 2011

▽'US Africa embassy bomber Fazul Abdullah Mohammed dead' - BBC
Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, suspected of having played a key role in the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa, has been killed in Somalia, officials say.

▽England sees driest spring in a century as drought hits UK - The Guardian
England suffered its driest spring in a century last month, leaving fields parched and many rivers at record lows, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) said on Friday, as government officials met experts and utilities to discuss the drought conditions prevailing in many parts of the country.

▽Royal wedding celebrations hit factory output - Telegraph.co.uk
Britain's factory output slumped in April as workers downed tools to enjoy the royal wedding and an extra day's holiday, while production was also hit by the disruption to supply chains from Japan's earthquake.

▽I.M.F. Reports Cyberattack Led to ‘Very Major Breach’ - New York Times
The International Monetary Fund, still struggling to find a new leader after the arrest of its managing director last month in New York, was hit recently by what computer experts describe as a large and sophisticated cyberattack whose dimensions are still unknown.

▽Japan 3-D pop avatar a real-world hit - AFP
Japanese teenage pop sensation Miku Hatsune has millions of smitten fans, a string of top hits and an image entirely unblemished by drug use, scandals or celebrity meltdowns.
She doesn't demand six-figure recording contracts, always shows up on time, never throws tantrums and won't break a sweat during a two-hour live show in a concert hall packed with thousands of adoring followers.
Too good to be true? Yes and no.
Miku Hatsune is a 3-D computer animation.







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