News Headlines - 14 June 2011

▽Airbus 2050: Transparent Planes, Biometric Boarding Passes, Holograms - PC Magazine
If you've ever been cheated out of a window seat on a flight, you'll appreciate the concept plane Airbus just revealed at an airshow in Paris. In its vision of what air travel might be like in 2050, the aircraft manufacturer showed a plane with a transparent fuselage, giving all passengers a panoramic view of what's outside.

▽Apple to pay Nokia to settle intellectual property dispute - Telegraph.co.uk
Neither party would disclose the sums involved but analysts said royalty payments of one or two per cent of the retail price of each handset could equate to Apple paying Nokia more than $160m (£97.5m) a quarter.

▽Google Adds Voice Search to Chrome Browser - PCWorld
Voice search is coming to Chrome for PCs. At a media event today in San Francisco, Google announced that it's bringing speech recognition to desktop and laptop versions of its Web browser.

▽Facebook contempt of court case: transcript of the online chat - The Guardian
Juror Joanna Fraill and defendant Jamie Sewart's chat during a multimillion-pound drugs trial, which caused it to collapse

▽Facebook denies losing users - BBC
Figures from Faceboook monitoring site Inside Facebook suggested that during May, Facebook lost six million users in the US and 100,000 in the UK.
But the social network, which does not usually comment on third party statistics, questioned how it arrived at this figure.







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