News Headlines - 17 June 2011

▽Samsung Sold 2 Million Internet-Connected Smart TV Sets In 3 Months - HDTV Test
Korean TV manufacturer Samsung is celebrating a milestone this week, after announcing through a social media news release on its corporate blog site SamsungTomorrow.com that it has sold two million units of Smart TVs worldwide within just three months of the internet-enabled models’ global release. The two millionth set was sold on the 15th of June.

▽Video Teaser For Sony S1, S2 Tablets Released - ITProPortal
Sony has dished out a new two minute promotional video clip for its forthcoming S1 and S2 tablets.
The S1 and S2 tablets are scheduled to hit the market sometime during September, 2011- at least that’s what a recent unconfirmed report claims.

▽Student who ran file sharing site TVShack could face extradition to US - The Guardian
The mother of a British student who is facing extradition to the United States over alleged copyright offences online has spoken of her anguish that he could face a possible jail sentence.

▽Sega Pass customer datails hacked - BBC
E-mail addresses and dates of birth stored on the Sega Pass database were accessed by hackers.
But payment information, such as credit card numbers, remained safe as it was handled elsewhere, Sega said .

▽US Senate moves to freeze Japan base move - AFP
US senators said that they have taken a major step to halt a controversial military base plan on Japan's Okinawa island and called on the Pentagon to make a fresh assessment.







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