News Headlines - 20 June 2011

▽Supercomputer powers Japan back to top spot - Financial Times
Japanese computer geeks are celebrating a comeback after a Fujitsu-built supercomputer set a world speed record – beating the reigning Chinese machine and giving Japan the most powerful computer for the first time in seven years.

▽UK government's Fukushima crisis plan based on bigger leak than Chernobyl - The Guardian
The British government made contingency plans at the height of the Fukushima nuclear crisis which anticipated a "reasonable worst case scenario" of the plant releasing more radiation than Chernobyl, new documents released to the Guardian show.

▽Plan to halve jail terms for guilty pleas scrapped - Telegraph.co.uk
The Prime Minister will announce the move today at a news conference as he attempts to regain the Tories’ reputation for being tough on law and order.
But Mr Cameron’s move is certain to be seen as yet another Coalition policy reversal. It comes a week after radical NHS reforms were watered down — the latest in a succession of about-turns.

▽T-shirts that charge phones to be tested at Glastonbury Festival - Herald Sun
A T-SHIRT designed to charge mobile phones will be released for testing at the Glastonbury Music Festival over the weekend.
The prototype T-shirt has been designed to power phones using noise-responsive technology, so concert-goers at the renowned festival - which runs June 22 to 26 in southwest England - can plug their phone into the shirt for a quick top-up charge whenever they need it, Sky News reported.

▽The British Library online: Google deal makes 250,000 books available to all - Telegraph.co.uk
The British Library is to make 250,000 of its books available free online, spanning from 1700-1870, in a deal with Google.







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