News Headlines - 21 June 2011

▽Ken Livingstone vows to protect Brent police force - Harrow Observer
LABOUR'S London mayoral candidate, Ken Livingstone, has promised to replace front line police officers if they are taken off the beat in Brent.

▽German government faces compensation claims over ending nuclear power - Telegraph.co.uk
Plans by the German government to axe all the country's nuclear power stations by 2022 are under threat from legal action by aggrieved energy companies that claim Berlin's plans are unconstitutional.

▽New ice thickness map of the Arctic unveiled - WebWire
The first map of sea-ice thickness from ESA’s CryoSat mission was revealed today at the Paris Air and Space Show. This new information is set to change our understanding of the complex relationship between ice and climate.

▽Apple Launches HD Streaming App for iTunes Festival 2011 - Wired News
App developers have some new competition for music fans’ attention: Apple itself, which released a free iOS app on Tuesday that will stream live performances from the iTunes Festival London 2011 at the city’s famous Roundhouse venue, which will run for 31 days throughout the month of July.

▽HP TouchPad pre-order opens at Carphone Warehouse - PC Magazine
Carphone Warehouse has announced that the HP TouchPad is now available to pre-order from its website.







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