News Headlines - 23 June 2011

▽Hackers hit News International in revenge for coverage of teenager's arrest - Telegraph.co.uk
Hackers have attacked computer servers belonging to News International in apparent retaliation for coverage of the arrest of Ryan Cleary.
The website of the Sun newspaper and a computer used in the production of The Times were targeted by hackers who bombarded them with internet traffic in an attempt to make them crash.

▽Most popular apps in UK: Google maps and the weather - Telegraph.co.uk
The most popular mobile phone "apps", or applications, are not Facebook or Angry Birds but two of Britons' perennial obsessions: maps and the weather.

▽Apple iPhone Patent a Huge Blow to Rival Smartphone Makers -
Apple has been awarded its long sought-after patent on the iPhone. Intellectual property experts say it's so broad and far-reaching that the iPhone maker may be able to bully other smart phone manufacturers out of the U.S. market entirely.

▽Apple gains multitouch patent for mobiles - ZDNet
The patent covers a specific kind of multitouch activity, but covers its use in applications ranging from browsing to maps and word processing. It even includes a claim on storage media that contain programs covered by the patent. There is considerable disagreement among commentators on the breadth or narrowness of the patent.

▽Harry Potter next chapter? Wizard website tells and sells all - The Guardian
JK Rowling shocked and thrilled her fans and the publishing industry on Thursday by announcing details of Pottermore – an interactive website which will not only have new material, but will also be the only place selling the Harry Potter novels as digital downloads.
Pottermore: http://www.pottermore.com/







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