News Headlines - 28 June 2011

▽Public schools braced for first teachers' strike in centuries - Telegraph.co.uk
Teachers at some of Britain’s most exclusive public schools are set to strike for the first time in their history amid the dispute over pensions.

▽Universities to compete for students - Financial Times
At the moment, the government limits the number of undergraduates that any university can admit. This process controls costs, but also prevents popular courses from expanding and impedes competition.

▽UK Border Agency strikes set cause travel chaos on Thursday - Breaking Travel News
Up to half a million air passengers flying on Thursday could face severe disruption because of a strike by border officials at British airports.
At least seven out of 10 staff at the UK Border Agency are expected to walk out on Thursday.

▽The UK's last, great, expensive, short roads - BBC
Two short lengths of road are about to open at a combined cost of £1bn. They represent a last hurrah for expensive road projects in an era of cost-cutting.

▽Prince Charles's income up by £1m - The Guardian
Prince Charles's income – including funding from the taxpayer for his official duties – rose by nearly £1m last year, according to figures published in the annual review of his activities. His aides insisted that the increases were either not rises at all, or reflected an increase in official visits undertaken at the government's behest.







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