News Headlines - 30 June 2011

▽Downing Street: public sector strike was a flop - Telegraph.co.uk
The strike by public sector workers was yesterday described as a “flop” by the Government after trade union threats proved hollow and the industrial action caused “minimal disruption”.

▽Poland’s solidarity message to Europe - Financial Times
Poland joined the European Union in 2004 with a feeling of homecoming. For centuries, the nation had lived in a geopolitical wilderness, its independence repeatedly lost and only ephemerally regained. As Poland on Friday takes over the EU’s rotating presidency, the nation has finally come into its own.

▽China’s party verdict on 90th anniv: Mao did it all wrong - Times of India
In fact, as it celebrates its 90th anniversary, the party says Mao's ways resulted in "chaos in entire society" and it was a policy crafted out of the lessons learnt from his failures that have put China on a path to economic glory.

▽Could Goodwood become the next British motor show? - BBC
Unlike conventional motor shows, the one here at Goodwood gives visitors a chance to drive a wide range of cars up the Hill, giving ordinary people a chance to enjoy an experience many others can only dream of.

▽Google sees 'insane' demand for invites to its Google+ social network - Telegraph.co.uk
Google has closed invitations to join its new Facebook-style social network just a day after it launched, after it received "insane" levels of demand for the service.







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