News Headlines - 12 July 2011

▽Phone hacking: we've seen only 170 victims out of 3,870, says Scotland Yard - Telegraph.co.uk
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers said that there were 11,000 pages of evidence in the force’s possession, including 3,870 names, 5,000 landline telephone numbers and 4,000 mobile numbers, but only 170 people had been told that they were potential victims.

▽Phone hacking: pressure in United States to investigate News Corporation - Telegraph.co.uk
US ethics watchdogs yesterday called on the Senate and House of Representatives to investigate the parent company of News International and hold “thorough public hearings” on whether the voicemails of Americans had been hacked.

▽Bonds turn volatile as Italy tensions mount - Financial Times
The eurozone sovereign debt crisis continued to dominate action in the markets as persistent fears of contagion to Italy and Spain made for a highly volatile session.

▽Violent clashes in Belfast as loyalist marching season ends - The Guardian
There has been a serious outbreak of violence in north Belfast with police firing dozens of baton rounds and using water cannon in clashes with nationalist youths.
The trouble erupted within minutes of an Orange Order parade passing by the Ardoyne shops shortly after 7pm.

▽Terrorists 'May Recruit On Social Networks' - Sky News
Fast-moving developments in cyber-security are making life difficult for intelligence agencies tracking international terrorists, amid fears militant groups may soon try to convert users of social networking sites to their cause.







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