News Headlines - 18 July 2011

▽News of the World journalist who claimed Coulson encouraged phone hacking is found dead at home - Daily Mail
Ex-News of the World reporter Sean Hoare had accused former Tory media chief Andy Coulson of lying about his role in the affair.
He said that when editor of the paper, Mr Coulson actively encouraged his staff to intercept the calls of celebrities.
It was his explosive claims last autumn that reignited the scandal and ultimately led to the tumultuous events of the past fortnight which have shaken the political, police and media establishments.

▽Sean Hoare knew how destructive the News of the World could be - The Guardian
He knew this very well, because he was himself a victim of the News of the World. As a showbusiness reporter, he had lived what he was happy to call a privileged life. But the reality had ruined his physical health: "I was paid to go out and take drugs with rock stars – get drunk with them, take pills with them, take cocaine with them. It was so competitive. You are going to go beyond the call of duty. You are going to do things that no sane man would do. You're in a machine."

▽Phone hacking: Murdochs and Brooks set to face MPs' questions - The Guardian
Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation, his son James Murdoch, and Rebekah Brooks, until a week ago the three most powerful figures in British media, will on Tuesday face an unprecedented three hours of questions over the extent to which they knew, approved or subsequently covered up widespread phone hacking at News International.

▽Murdoch Stock Loss Nears $1 Billion in Hacking - Bloomberg
Rupert Murdoch’s family has lost almost $1 billion from the drop in News Corp. (NWSA) stock since the phone-hacking scandal erupted into the headlines and led to the arrest of the company’s top U.K. newspaper executive.

▽Quick guide to the News Corp hacking scandal - Reuters







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