News Headlines - 20 July 2011

▽Murdoch is the latest in a long line of pie-throwing pranksters’ targets - Washington Post
Bill Gates, Sylvester Stallone, Anita Bryant, Milton Friedman, Ann Coulter and countless baseball heroes have been pied in the past few decades. And it was Rupert Murdoch’s turn Tuesday.

▽Andy Coulson was never given top security clearance in government - The Guardian
The former News of the World editor was granted only mid-level security clearance when he was appointed by David Cameron as his director of communications, so avoiding "developed vetting" involving a detailed interview by government investigators looking for anything in his past that could compromise him.

▽'Saline serial killer': Nurse quizzed over 'sabotage' deaths - Mirror.co.uk
Detectives have questioned a 27-year-old nurse over the deaths of three patients at a Stockport hospital... The arrest came as a fourth patient, a man in his 40s, was critically ill at the hospital.

▽Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence Weakens - Wall Street Journal
Consumers in the 17 nations that use the euro became less confident about their prospects for the second consecutive month in July, according to a preliminary estimate from the European Commission's monthly survey.

▽Goran Hadzic capture a milestone for Yugoslav war crimes tribunal - The Guardian
The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal crowned 18 years of operations on Wednesday with the capture of the last of 161 suspects from the wars of the 1990s when Goran Hadzic, a leader of the Serbian insurgency in Croatia, was arrested by the Serbian authorities.







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