News Headlines - 25 July 2011

▽Norway killer Anders Behring Breivik had extensive links to English Defence League - Telegraph.co.uk
Anders Behring Breivik had extensive links to the far-Right English Defence League, senior members of the group have admitted.

▽Norway attacks: Europe to study potential far-right threats - Telegraph.co.uk
Although Norweigan police said Anders Behring Breivik had told them he had planned and carried out the attack alone, investigators across Europe continued to search for evidence that he might be part of a broader network.

▽Concern over animal-human embryos grown in UK labs - The Christian Institute
More than 150 animal-human hybrid embryos have been created by scientists working in British laboratories over the past three years.

▽Existence of God particle to be decided by next year - Telegraph.co.uk
It has been speculated upon for decades and at the weekend there were hints that the existence of the highly sought-after “God particle” had finally been confirmed.

▽Debt ceiling: Timing the next fight - CNN
President Obama and Democrats want an increase to last until 2013... House Republicans, however, say they don't want to give Obama what they call "a blank check" just so he can avoid another debt ceiling fight during his re-election campaign in 2012.







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