News Headlines - 26 July 2011

▽US debt crisis talks reach an impasse - The Guardian
America's debt crisis has moved closer to disaster as the battle between Barack Obama and the Republicans intensified and talks appeared to have reached a stalemate.

▽The hedge fund end game - Financial Times
The most successful hedge fund manager has finally reached the end of the hedge fund life cycle. Aged 80, George Soros does not want the hassle of new regulations for US hedge funds. Instead, after 38 years his Quantum fund is ejecting investors to run only the family inheritance.

▽Lawyer Suggests Suspect in Norway Attacks Is ‘Insane’ - New York Times
The Oslo police on Tuesday evening began a gradual release of the names of the dead in the Norway massacre, as the lawyer representing the man who admitted responsibility said he thought his client was insane and would spend the rest of his life incarcerated.

▽Medical Officials: Mubarak Weak, Refusing to Eat - Voice of America
Egyptian medical officials say the country's deposed president, Hosni Mubarak, is weak and is refusing solid food. This is increasing speculation that he will not stand trial next week for his alleged role in the killing of anti-government protesters.

▽Telegraph told to pay damages to author - Telegraph.co.uk
A High Court judge has ordered The Daily Telegraph to pay damages of £65,000 to the author Sarah Thornton after ruling that she had been libelled in a review of one of her books.







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