News Headlines - 27 July 2011

▽Britain recognises Libyan rebels and expels Gaddafi's London embassy staff - The Guardian
Britain is expelling the Libyan chargé d'affaires and all eight remaining Libyan embassy staff in London after David Cameron and William Hague ruled that Libya's national transitional council (NTC) was now the "sole governmental authority" in the country.

▽The idiot's guide to President Obama's debt crisis - The Guardian
Why won't the Republicans let Obama borrow any more money? What is the debt ceiling? And what happens if the US defaults on its debts?

▽Why James Murdoch should resign today - Financial Times
More importantly, his evidence to the select committee relied heavily on ignorance about crucial e-mail evidence. His “wilful blindness” showed at best a lack of curiosity, and at worst a failure to ask questions, for fear of hearing unacceptable answers.

▽Police claim arrest of senior Anonymous hacker 'Topiary' - Telegraph.co.uk
Scotland Yard’s specialist cyber crime unit said the 19-year-old man is believed to go by the online alias “Topiary”. He is currently being transported to a central London police station for questioning following a "pre-planned intelligence-led operation".

▽Star Wars costume maker strikes back against Lucasfilm movie empire - The Guardian
British prop artist Andrew Ainsworth free to sell replica helmets, court rules, but now open to US copyright claims







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