News Headlines - 28 July 2011

▽Sara Payne on News of the World phone hack list - Telegraph.co.uk
The mother of Sarah Payne, the murdered schoolgirl, has been told by detectives that a mobile phone given to her by the News of the World may have later been hacked by a private investigator working on behalf of the same newspaper.

▽Oslo attack: killer parked his car bomb at door of prime minister's office - Telegraph.co.uk
Guards saw the bomber parking directly under the entrance canopy but did not challenge him as he was wearing a police uniform. Two minutes later, the bomb went off.
The disclosure follows the admission earlier this week that Breivik came to the attention of Norway's intelligence services in March after buying a large quantity of chemicals from a Polish company but nothing was done. It also emerged yesterday that Breivik had been an active member of an Oslo shooting club since last year.

▽Nuclear test veterans in legal win - The Independent
Ex-servicemen who claim they were made ill as a result of being exposed to radiation during British nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s said today that they had taken a "significant step forward" in their battle for Government compensation after winning the latest round of a legal fight.

▽High court forces BT to block file-sharing website - The Guardian
Hollywood film studios won a landmark UK high court ruling on Thursday forcing BT to block access to an illegal file-sharing website accused of operating "on a grand scale".

▽US debt crisis: crucial House of Representatives vote looms - Telegraph.co.uk
The House of Representatives was on Thursday night preparing for a knife-edge vote that could signal a spending deal is possible or lurch the United States towards a debt default that could be disastrous for the global economy.







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