News Headlines - 03 August 2011

▽Global recession fears as stock markets tumble to nine-month low - Telegraph.co.uk
The FTSE 100 experienced its biggest one-day fall for nine months yesterday as fears grew that the world economy is heading back into recession.

▽Facebook and Twitter fuel iPhone and BlackBerry addiction, says Ofcom - The Guardian
Britons' appetite for Facebook and social networks on the go is driving a huge demand for smartphones – with 60% of teenagers describing themselves as "highly addicted" to their device – according to new research by the media regulator, Ofcom.

▽Second moon may have collided with our moon, say scientists - The Guardian
The two moons are believed to have been created at the same time and followed a similar path to the moon we're familiar with today, but after tens of millions of years of peaceful co-existence, the two appear to have crunched together in a gentle collision that left the smaller, just a third of the size, spread across the larger like a cosmic pancake.







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