News Headlines - 05 August 2011

▽Emergency G7 summit called as markets continue to fall - Telegraph.co.uk
The world’s most powerful countries will hold an emergency summit to discuss how to stop another global recession it was announced yesterday, as President Barack Obama appealed for calm.

▽Unrest erupts in Ukraine after ex-premier arrested - Xinhua
Protests have broken out here Friday, one hour after former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was arrested for violating court process during her abuse of power trial.
Several hundred people blocked Khreshchatyk, the capital's central street, and the number of people continues to increase.

▽Yingluck Shinawatra Elected Thailand's First Female PM  - Voice of America
The rookie politician’s first challenge is to ensure stability with the selection of a new Cabinet and making good on election promises.

▽Libya: Italy demands investigation into whether Nato warship ignored refugees  - Telegraph.co.uk
Italy and NATO were embroiled in a row over accusations that an alliance warship failed to come to the rescue of a boatload of desperate refugees fleeing the fighting in Libya.

▽Rowan Atkinson leaves hospital after McLaren F1 crash - The Guardian
Rowan Atkinson, the comedian and petrol-head, has been discharged from hospital on Friday after walking away from a crash in one of the world's fastest road cars – suffering no worse than an injured shoulder, some very expensive coach work and wounded pride.







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