News Headlines - 07 August 2011

▽G-7 Finance Officials to Speak Today on Europe Debt, U.S. Rating Downgrade - Bloomberg
Group of Seven finance officials will talk today by conference call as policy makers seek to avert turmoil from Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis and a cut in the U.S. credit rating.

▽ECB signals readiness to buy more bonds - Financial Times
The European Central Bank gave a clear signal on Sunday night that it would intervene in the markets for Italian and Spanish bonds in an effort to sooth markets after the twin impact of the eurozone debt crisis and Friday’s US rating downgrade.

▽Trouble spreads to Enfield – and this time it was organised - The Guardian
There was mounting evidence on Sunday night that the rioting in north London was part of an orchestrated plan, as violent disturbances broke out in Enfield Town, some six miles north of the riots in Tottenham.

▽Norway polar bear attack: failings that left Horatio Chapple at bear's mercy - Telegraph.co.uk
Organisers of the expedition on which a British schoolboy was killed by a polar bear had a gun which failed to fire four times and had not assigned a night watchman, police have disclosed

▽Environment Agency's 'hit list' of ten most invasive species - Telegraph.co.uk
A “hit list” of the ten invasive species which pose the biggest threat to native wildlife on Britain’s waterways and cost £1.7bn a year to tackle has been released by the Environment Agency.







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