News Headlines - 08 August 2011

▽Ealing Broadway closed down as crowds grow - Ealing Gazette
A string of violence has spread across London following a protest in Tottenham, north London, on Saturday after Mark Duggan was killed by police last week. Mayor of London Boris Johnson is reportedly on his way back from holiday as the Met send deploy more police to the streets.

▽Windows smashed in Birmingham as youths gather - BBC
Gangs of masked youths have gathered in Birmingham city centre and some shop windows have been smashed.
A McDonald's restaurant, close to the city's cathedral, has had a window broken and eye witnesses have reported more damage in the Colmore Row area.

▽London riots: why did the police lose control? - Telegraph.co.uk
Some local people told journalists of their resentment towards the police. One student said: “The police never talk to us, they ignore us, they don’t think we’re human in this area.” A youth worker claimed: “The way the police treat black people is like we’re nothing.” And a retired accountant who has lived locally for 30 years reported that some of the police “behave in an arrogant manner that puts people’s backs up”.

▽London riots: all incidents mapped in Tottenham, Brixton, Hackney, Lewisham and Greater London - Telegraph.co.uk

▽Dow closes down 634 points after final plunge - Los Angeles Times
The Dow Jones industrial average finished the day down 634.76 points Monday after a full-day sell-off accelerated in the final hour of trading as investors struggled to absorb Standard & Poor's decision to downgrade the United States' credit rating.







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