News Headlines - 12 August 2011

▽News of the World: police watchdog investigates Milly Dowler leak - The Guardian
The police watchdog is investigating an allegation that a Surrey police officer gave information about the Milly Dowler murder investigation to the News of the World.

▽Police watchdog admits it may have wrongly led journalists to believe Mark Duggan shot at officers before his death - Daily Mail
The police watchdog has admitted it may have wrongly led journalists to believe that police shooting victim Mark Duggan fired at officers before he was killed.

▽Facing justice, riot rat pack: Suspects accused of four of the week's most infamous crimes are all behind bars - Daily Mail
Four of the most notorious faces of the riots were behind bars last night in a victory for the law-abiding majority.
Detectives suspect they are responsible for violent and brazen crimes that shocked the nation during four days of mayhem.

▽Teen charged for inciting riots using BlackBerry - msnbc.com
An 18-year-old girl has been charged for using her BlackBerry smartphone to intentionally encourage rioting in the United Kingdom. Yes, her case specifically lists the BlackBerry Messenger service as the tool used to incite the criminal behavior.

▽IBM PC daddy: 'The PC era is over' - Register
One of the dozen engineers who designed the original IBM PC, which celebrates its 30th anniversary on Friday, says that the reign of the personal computer is coming to an end.
"They're going the way of the vacuum tube, typewriter, vinyl records, CRT and incandescent light bulbs," writes IBM's Middle East and Africa CTO Mark Dean in a company blog post.







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