News Headlines - 13 August 2011

▽After British Riots, Conflicting Answers as to ‘Why’ - New York Times
Outside a London court last week, as those accused of looting and rioting in the most destructive and widespread violence in recent British history faced justice, a mother turned to her 11-year-old son, accused of theft, and asked simply, “Why?”
That question has been at the heart of a fraught national debate as Britons puzzle over what drove even some previously law-abiding people to steal, sometimes risking arrest for nothing more than bottles of water. The debate has often divided people into predictable camps.

▽Phone hacking: Daily Mirror publisher gets written guarantees from journalists - The Guardian
The publisher of the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror has obtained written guarantees from senior editorial executives that they have not been involved in so-called "black arts" – such as phone hacking and paying police – over the past 11 years.
However, Trinity Mirror has not sought guarantees from former executives, such as ex-Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, who has faced a series of phone-hacking allegations in recent weeks.

▽Shell Confirms Oil Leak at Gannet Alpha Platform - Daily News Corner
Oil producer Royal Dutch Shell haѕ confirmed that thе Gannet Alpha oil platform, located 112 miles east оf Aberdeen, Scotland, has suffered a leak frоm an underwater pipeline bеtweеn the wellhead аnd platform.

▽British Gas to suspend doorstep sales - BBC
British Gas has said it will end doorstep selling for three months, claiming the format is "outdated".

▽ONS admits it was wrong – there was no surprise spurt for UK construction - The Guardian
The Office for National Statistics was forced into a humiliating admission on Friday that it had made an "arithmetical error" when it revised its construction output figures higher. This had raised hopes that the economy was stronger than previously thought in the second quarter.







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