News Headlines - 23 August 2011

▽We have proved in Libya that intervention can still work - Telegraph.co.uk
The toppling of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi shows that despite greater constraints, the West can still do good.

▽Call for inquiry into News International payments to Andy Coulson - The Guardian
Labour MP Tom Watson wants Electoral Commission to investigate whether payments and benefits to former No 10 communications director amounted to political donations

▽NASA Powers on Humanoid Robot For the First Time - PC Magazine
Coming in at three feet four inches and 330 pounds, it’s Robonaut 2, NASA’s humanoid robot. Six months after it was first delivered to the International Space Station by Space Shuttle Discovery, the robot has been powered on for the first time.

▽Russians unveil space hotel - CNN
Russian firm Orbital Technologies plans to open the first space hotel in history in five year's time. The space hotel, or "Commercial Space Station," as it's officially called, will float 250 miles above Earth.

▽Top Gear episodes to be made available on Facebook - The Guardian
BBC Worldwide is make episodes of Top Gear available to Facebook users at a cost of 93p.
The BBC's commercial arm has developed a video-on-demand app for Facebook that will allow users of the website to rent a limited number of Top Gear episodes using Facebook Credits.







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