News Headlines - 24 August 2011

▽Libya: Hunt for Gaddafi spreads beyond Tripoli - Telegraph.co.uk
As rebel fighters flush through the tunnels under Col Muammar Gaddafi's compound, the hunt for the fallen dictator will now spread beyond Tripoli.

▽Many UK areas 'still don't have adequate access to 3G mobile technology' - Telegraph.co.uk
Many parts of Britain, particularly rural areas, still do not have adequate access to 3G mobile phone broadband despite billions of pounds of investment in the technology, a study has found.

▽Motorola Atrix advert banned - Telegraph.co.uk
Motorola has been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency from claiming its Atrix phone is the most powerul smartphone in the world because the Samsung Galaxy SII has a better processor

▽Earth is home to 8.7 million species - Telegraph.co.uk
Previous guesses had put the total number of different species at anywhere between three million and 100 million, but a new calculation based on the way in which life forms are classified puts the estimate at the lower end of that scale.

▽X-rays extract 'virtual harvestmen' from French fossils - BBC
Harvestmen, or Opiliones as scientists would call them, have existed for hundreds of millions of years.
What is fascinating about them is how little they have changed in that time.







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