News Headlines - 25 August 2011

▽Apple Shares Face Pressure as Jobs Departs as CEO - Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc. shares fell 2.2% ahead of the opening bell Thursday as investors adjust to the world's most valuable tech company having its leader and driving force in a more diminished role.

▽Steve Jobs – how years of health problems have dogged the Apple founder - Telegraph.co.uk
It was only in March that Steve Jobs emerged from medical leave to introduce a new version of the iPad tablet. Yet just a few months later the Apple CEO resigned saying he could no longer meet his duties.

▽Steve Jobs: iDesigned your life - The Guardian
iMacs, iPods, iPads – the Apple CEO took us from beige plastic to sophisticated and desirable design in every sphere of our lives

▽Gaddafi wanted dead or alive, says rebel leader - The Guardian
The Libyan rebels have stepped up attempts to find Muammar Gaddafi by announcing that any members of the fleeing leader's entourage who killed or captured him would be given an amnesty, a pardon and possibly a £1m reward.

▽'We can't afford another costly foreign venture' - Evening Standard
As rebel leaders toured western countries seeking billions in aid, Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the influential Treasury select committee, said Britain does not have the cash for all worthy causes.







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