News Headlines - 01 September 2011

▽Apple staffer loses test iPhone in bar – again - The Guardian
Have you heard this one before? An Apple employee walks into a bar in California with a top-secret iPhone prototype – and leaves it behind. Apple then scrambles to recover the phone, involving the police in the process after it has been sold by a finder, eventually getting it back under wraps.
It happened in April last year – and now, says CNet, it has happened again with a prototype of the very latest iPhone, expected to be launched within the next few weeks.
But this time Apple does not appear to have got the phone back.

▽WikiLeaks blames British newspaper as unredacted cables are exposed on the internet - Daily Mail
Uncensored copies of U.S. State Department cables obtained by WikiLeaks were freely available on the Internet today, sparking a new controversy.
WikiLeaks accused a journalist on the British Guardian newspaper of revealing the password needed to unlock the files in a book published earlier this year.
The newspaper retaliated by claiming 'sloppy security' at Julian Assange's anti-secrecy website helped expose the cables to the world.

▽Manufacturing 'slumps to 26-month low' - AFP
British manufacturing activity tumbled to a 26-month low in August, a key survey showed on Thursday, sparking fresh speculation over a potential double-dip recession.

▽'We won't surrender,' Gadhafi says: reports - Globe and Mail
Moammar Gadhafi was quoted Thursday as warning that tribes loyal to him in key strongholds are armed and won't surrender to Libyan rebels, a blow to opposition hopes of a peaceful surrender of the ousted leader's hometown of Sirte.

▽Defence cuts too deep, Labour warns - The Independent
Sacking hundreds of Army and RAF personnel will have "long-term consequences" for the UK, Labour has warned.
About 920 soldiers and 930 RAF personnel were told they were being made redundant, 750 of them against their will, in the first wave of military job losses.







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