News Headlines - 03 September 2011

▽FTSE falls after weak US jobs data - The Press Association
The London market has fallen 2% after the worst US jobs data for nearly a year sparked fresh fears the world economy could slide back into recession.
The number of people in work in the US failed to increase for the first time since September, adding to worries about the health of the world's biggest economy.

▽Ireland gets £1.2bn IMF payout - The Guardian
The International Monetary Fund approved a further €1.4bn (£1.2bn) payout to Ireland on Friday as part of a wider European bailout.
Ireland's government announced a four-year €15bn austerity programme last year, which included deep cuts to public spending and benefits, and large tax hikes. The programme paved the way for a €85bn bailout package from the IMF and the EU.

▽Murdoch family divided as News Corporation crisis comes to a head - The Guardian
James Murdoch had been seen as the undisputed heir to his father's media empire, until the phone-hacking scandal erupted. But as the younger Murdoch faces the prospect of his evidence to parliament being called into question by former colleagues on Tuesday, there are growing doubts coming from inside his family about his suitability for the top position at News Corporation.

▽Mystery over 'lost iPhone prototype' claims - Telegraph.co.uk
Mystery surrounds reports this week that an Apple employee lost a prototype iPhone in a San Francisco bar.

▽Typhoon Talas Hits Western Japan - Voice of America
Japanese officials say Typhoon Talas has slammed into western Japan, bringing heavy rains and fierce winds. 







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