News Headlines - 06 September 2011

▽'James Murdoch knew of hacking email' - Evening Standard
James Murdoch was today facing dramatic new claims that he was told phone hacking at the News of the World went beyond one reporter.
Former top lawyer Tom Crone said the News International chairman was told of an email showing the scandal went beyond just one rogue reporter.

▽Major N. Ireland paramilitary murder trial begins - AFP
A Protestant paramilitary leader and 13 co-accused went on trial Tuesday over the murder of a rival Loyalist chief, in the biggest such case in Northern Ireland since the 1980s.

▽Riots cost taxpayer at least £133m, MPs told - The Guardian
The riots in England will cost the taxpayer more than £133m in policing and compensation for businesses hit by the violence, the home affairs select committee has been told.

▽UK hit by fall in retail sales in August - moneyfacts.co.uk
People kept their money close to their chests in August as spending fell, figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) show.
On a like-for-like basis, sales fell by 0.6% in August compared with the same month in 2010.

▽Switzerland Caps Franc - Wall Street Journal
The Swiss National Bank set a limit on how far it will let the Swiss franc rise against the euro, the bank's most aggressive attempt yet to rein in the soaring currency.







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