News Headlines - 07 September 2011

▽Economists warn of 50p tax rate 'damage' - BBC
Twenty leading economists have urged the government to drop the top 50p tax rate for high earners, which they say is doing "lasting damage" to the UK economy.
In a letter to the Financial Times, they say it is punishing "wealth creators" and making Britain less competitive and less attractive for investment.

▽India Home Ministeron deadly blast at High Court in Delhi that kills 10 - TelegraphTV
India's Home Minister says country must remain united after deadly blast at a High Court in New Delhi.

▽Rebels closer to taking over two Gaddafi strongholds - euronews
There are conflicting views on how the loyalist stronghold of Bani Walid in Libya will be tackled. The transitional national council say they have reached an agreement with the tribal chiefs in the town still loyal to former leader Muammar Gaddafi. However, the council has not decided on whether to use force, with one spokesman stating the handover would be peaceful.

▽Afghan government rejects UN torture allegations - The Associated Press
The Afghan government on Wednesday strongly rejected allegations that its security agencies tortured detainees — charges that were apparently raised in an unpublished U.N. report.
The allegations prompted NATO to temporarily suspend some transfers of detainees from international to Afghan-run detention centers. They also threatened to further erode the already shaky relationship between President Hamid Karzai's government and the international community.

▽Japan won't imitate Switzerland's currency step - MarketWatch
Japanese finance ministry officials on Wednesday quashed speculation that Tokyo may follow the lead of Switzerland and take drastic steps to curb the strength of its currency, emphasizing differences between the two nation's predicaments.







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