News Headlines - 09 September 2011

▽Markets plunge following resignation of German ECB official Jürgen Stark - The Guardian
The dramatic resignation of a senior European central banker sent stock markets plunging, amid fears that Greece is on the brink of default and the fragile consensus in Berlin over support for the ailing Italian and Spanish economies was close to disintegration.

▽Egypt on alert after Israeli embassy attack - AFP
Egypt declared a state of alert on Saturday after protesters stormed the building housing Israel's embassy and clashed with police, prompting a mass evacuation of the ambassador and other staff.

▽How MI6 deal sent family to Gaddafi's jail - The Guardian
A Libyan Islamist has told how he and his family were imprisoned after being "rendered" in an operation MI6 hatched in co-operation with Muammar Gaddafi's intelligence services. The rendition occurred shortly before Tony Blair paid his first visit to the dictator.

▽Android to overtake iPhone app downloads for first time - TechRadar UK
An analyst house is predicting that 2011 will see Android overtake iOS devices in app downloads for the first time.
Ovum has estimated that downloads from Android devices will hit 8.1 billion by the end of 2011, while iOS apps will languish at 6 billion downloads.

▽Winner, Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011: Jupiter in all its glory - The Guardian
The gas giant Jupiter with two of its 64 known moons, Io and Ganymede. The surface of the planet is streaked with colourful bands and dotted with huge oval storms. Unusually, detail is also visible on the two moons. The photos that make up this composite image were taken by Damian Peach from Barbados, where the clearness of the atmosphere makes possible exceptionally detailed astronomical pictures







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