News Headlines - 10 September 2011

▽Japan Investigates Online Posting of Obama Flight Plans - New York Times
Japanese officials moved to control the diplomatic damage after an air traffic controller was questioned here for posting secret American flight information on his blog that included the detailed flight plans of Air Force One last November.

▽Japan's Forex Action Plan Draws No G-7 Ire - NIKKEI.com
Japan stressed Friday that its pledge to take "decisive steps" against the yen's relentless rise drew no objections from finance ministers of the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations, but it is not clear whether their silence is tantamount to an endorsement of further Japanese currency-market interventions.

▽New PM visits tsunami-hit area as Japan mourns dead - AFP
Japan's new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda visited the northeastern region devastated by the March 11 quake and tsunami as the nation prepared to mark six months since tragedy struck.

▽Japan's new PM faces early trouble after minister gaffes - Reuters 
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's new government ran into trouble after just a week in office with calls for one of his ministers to quit over gaffes on the sensitive topic of radiation from the tsunami-hit Fukushima plant.

▽The growing nuclear backlash post Japan earthquake - Telegraph.co.uk
When the March 11 tsunami and earthquake knocked out the reactors at Fukushima's now notorious power plant, it triggered not only the worst nuclear crisis in decades – but also a wider-reaching nuclear backlash.







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