News Headlines - 12 September 2011

▽9/11 anniversary: Barack Obama says nothing can break the will of the US - Telegraph.co.uk
President Barack Obama has said the post-September 11 decade had proven that despite divisions, wars and recession, nothing could shatter the will of America if it remained united.

▽Libya conflict: Gaddafi son Saadi given refuge in Niger - BBC
One of the sons of fugitive Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has been given refuge in neighbouring Niger.

▽David Cameron raises Litvinenko issue on Russia visit - BBC
David Cameron has raised the Alexander Litvinenko case at the start of his bridge-building visit to Russia.
Relations between the UK and Russia have been strained since the Russian dissident was murdered in London in 2006, and Russia then refused to extradite the prime suspect.
The PM said in Moscow that the UK would continue to push for Mr Litvinenko's killer to be brought to justice.

▽Vickers banking report: who knows where we will be in 2019? - The Guardian
The Vickers report coincides with the Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers anniversaries, who knows how many other seismic events will have occurred by the time its reforms are implemented

▽TUC leader warns of mass walkouts over pension reforms - The Guardian
The leader of the TUC has refused to rule out further widespread industrial action over "utterly unacceptable" reforms to the pension schemes of around 6 million workers.
Brendan Barber warned the prospect of mass walkouts was "finely balanced" because of the lack of progress in the talks.







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