News Headlines - 15 September 2011

▽Rogue trader loses UBS $2bn - Financial Times
UBS shocked investors on Thursday with news that is had discovered a potential $2bn loss due to unauthorised trading at its investment bank.

▽Riots hit retail sales volumes - The Press Association
Retail sales volumes fell 0.2% in August, official figures have shown, as violent riots earlier in the month triggered store closures across the country...
However, some stores believed they benefited from the riots as consumers altered their shopping behaviour by seeking alternatives to shops which had closed and moved to avoid the violence.

▽Rent rise is fastest for a year, says LSL - BBC
The cost of renting a home rose at its fastest rate in a year - with the average tenant paying £713 a month, a survey has said.

▽Home phones losing out to mobile - Telegraph.co.uk
The landline phone has been overtaken by the mobiles, but users still prefer voice calls to social networking, new research suggests.

▽Miners trapped underground in south Wales coalmine - The Guardian
Rescuers said on Thursday night that they were "hopeful and optimistic" that four miners trapped 90 metres (295ft) underground in a south Wales drift mine could be set free.







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