News Headlines - 16 September 2011

▽'Rogue trader' Kweku Adoboli faces fraud charges dating back to 2008 - The Guardian
A tearful Kweku Adoboli, the alleged rogue trader at the centre of a $2bn (£1.3bn) loss at Swiss bank UBS, appeared before magistrates on Friday to be charged with fraud and false accounting dating back to 2008.

▽Police 'seeking hack story sources' - The Press Association
The Metropolitan Police are seeking an order under the Official Secrets Act to force The Guardian to disclose the confidential sources of its reports on the News of the World phone hacking scandal, the paper said.
Editor Alan Rusbridger strongly condemned the move as "vindictive and disproportionate", and said the paper would resist it "to the utmost".

▽Cable backs further QE to boost demand - Reuters
The Bank of England should be ready to reopen its programme of quantitative easing to prevent weak demand threatening Britain's fragile recovery, Business Secretary Vince Cable said on Friday.

▽George Osborne says time is short to save the euro - BBC
Chancellor George Osborne has said that a successful euro is "massively" in the UK's interest but warned that time is short to save it.

▽Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness to run for Irish president - Belfast Telegraph
It is understood party strategists believe that taking part in the campaign ahead of the October polling day will help raise the profile of Sinn Fein, regardless of the result, at a time when it wants to build on its gains south of the Irish border.







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