News Headlines - 20 September 2011

▽Stepping Hill nurse criticises media over arrest ordeal - The Guardian
A nurse who was held on remand for six weeks on suspicion of being responsible for the deaths of patients at Stepping Hill hospital has spoken of her ordeal and criticised her portrayal by the media following her arrest.

▽Gove faces probe over private e-mails - Financial Times
E-mail traffic, seen by the FT, shows the education secretary and his advisers have conducted government business using private e-mail addresses. Civil servants were then unable to find these e-mails when asked to retrieve them under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

▽IMF warns U.S., Europe could slip into recession - Reuters
Europe and the United States could slip back into recession next year unless they quickly tackle economic problems that could infect the rest of the world, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday.

▽Japan anxious over defence data as China denies hacking weapons maker - The Guardian
China has angrily denied suggestions that it was behind a hacking attack targeting Japan's biggest weapons contractor.
Dozens of the firm's computers were infected in what reports suggested was a co-ordinated attack on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which may have resulted in the leak of sensitive defence information.

▽Pippa Middleton parks on front row at London Fashion Week - LondonNet
The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge - who shot to fame at her sibling's wedding to Prince William on 29 April - was the star attraction at the event.







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