News Headlines - 21 September 2011

▽Lloyd's of London hit by record claims for natural disasters - The Guardian
An unprecedented run of natural disasters in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the US has led to insurers paying out billions of pounds this year. This made the first half of 2011 the costliest six-month period in the insurance market's 323-year history.

▽Four dead as Typhoon Roke slams into Japan - Telegraph.co.uk
The typhoon proceeded to head northeast in the direction of the still-damaged Fukushima power plant and tsunami-hit coastline, fuelling fears of radiation leakages and further destruction in the region.
The storm arrives just weeks after another typhoon swept across Japan leaving more than 90 people dead or missing and causing widespread flooding, mudslides and structural damage.

▽Russia Faces Recession for Two Years With $50 Oil, IMF Says - Bloomberg
Russia’s economy would slip into recession for one to two years if oil prices fall to $50 a barrel next year and stay at that level, according to the International Monetary Fund.

▽Met police drop action against the Guardian over hacking sources - The Guardian
Scotland Yard wanted a court order to force Guardian reporters to reveal confidential sources for articles disclosing that the murdered teenager Milly Dowler's phone was hacked on behalf of the News of the World. They claimed that the paper's reporter Amelia Hill could have "incited" a source to break the Official Secrets Act.

▽Libya uprising: Gaddafi 'losing control of Sabha' - BBC
Libya's interim rulers, the National Transitional Council, say their forces have now taken control of much of the city of Sabha, 750km (465 miles) south of Tripoli.







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