News Headlines - 29 September 2011

▽German Parliament Approves Bailout Fund's Expansion - Wall Street Journal
Germany's parliament Thursday approved by a wide margin legislation to boost the scope and volume of the euro zone's rescue fund.
Lawmakers passed the reform of the European Financial Stability Facility with 523 'yes' votes, while 85 lawmakers voted 'no' and three abstained, in a vote that was seen as a crucial test of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right coalition.

▽Nokia to Cut 3,500 Jobs, Inject Cash Into Siemens Venture - BusinessWeek
Nokia Oyj will eliminate 3,500 jobs, shut a mobile-phone factory in Romania and inject 1 billion euros ($1.4 billion) with Siemens AG into their unprofitable network-equipment venture.

▽Amazon Kindle Fire ‘not an iPad competitor’ - Telegraph.co.uk
Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet computer has met with a mixed reaction from analysts and commentators. The device, launched in New York yesterday, marks Amazon’s first attempt to extend its success with ebooks and its original Kindle ereader into films, TV programmes and music.

▽The first pictures of China's experimental 'heavenly palace' craft - Daily Mail   
These are the first images of the experimental craft that China hopes will pave the way for its own space station when it is launched this week.
The Tiangong 1, or 'Heavenly Palace', will blast off from a site in the Gobi Desert later this week, the Xinhua news agency reported.

▽Newspapers demand more experts on press inquiry - BBC
Newspaper groups asked Lord Justice Leveson yesterday to appoint more experts to his inquiry into the future of the Press, reports the Daily Mail.







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