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News Headlines - 31 October 2011

▽Yen intervention raises fear of currency wars - Financial Times
Japan intervened in the currency markets to weaken the yen on Monday, exposing the dearth of global economic policy co-ordination just days before Friday’s summit of the Group of 20 leading economies in Cannes.

▽U.S., EU, Japan press China on financial services at WTO - Reuters
The United States criticized China on Monday for failing to fulfill World Trade Organization commitments to open its financial services market, while the European Union and Japan pressed for answers on specific areas of Beijing's regulations.

▽Greek Prime Minister announces shock referendum over new European debt deal - Daily Mail
The Greek Prime Minister has taken a huge political gamble by announcing that his debt-strapped country will hold a referendum on the new European debt deal reached last week... He gave no date or other details on the proposed referendum, which would be the first in Greece since 1974, when the monarchy was abolished by a landslide vote months after the collapse of a military dictatorship.

▽US cuts Unesco funding over Palestinian seat - BBC
The US has announced it is cutting funding to the UN cultural organisation Unesco, following the agency's decision to grant membership to the Palestinians.

▽Jobs crisis threatens global wave of social unrest, warns ILO - The Guardian
The International Labour Organisation has warned that a jobs crisis caused by the slowdown in the global economy threatens a wave of widespread social unrest engulfing both rich and poor countries.

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▼政府・日銀が新手の「指し値介入」 スイス中銀に酷似 79円20銭近辺に大量注文


▼ソニー、サムスンと合弁解消へ TV用液晶パネル生産

▼「スマホ攻略」苦しむ王者 赤字転落…任天堂

▼【オリンパス騒動】野田首相「日本の評価おとしめる」 英紙とのインタビューで見解

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News Headlines - 30 October 2011

▽Court orders Qantas to resume flights - The Guardian
Fair Work Australia, an independent arbiter, ordered the cessation of rolling industrial action in a ruling that forces Qantas and three unions to return to the negotiating table. It also ended one of the most extraordinary acts of industrial brinkmanship of recent times, which had seen the world's second oldest airline ground its entire fleet on Saturday in apparent exasperation at union behaviour, catching the Australian government and passengers by surprise.

▽Bishop of London backs action to evict St Paul’s Cathedral protesters - Metro
The Bishop of London told protesters camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral that 'nobody wants violence’ but backed legal measures for their removal.

▽Storm Leaves More Than 2 Million Without Power - New York Times
Millions of people across the Northeast found themselves without power on Sunday after an unusual autumn storm dumped record amounts of snow.

▽Young, employed and Dutch - why man who murdered Joanna Yeates unnerved us all - Telegraph.co.uk
If “The Missing Pizza Box Murder” were an Agatha Christie mystery, Vincent Tabak would be the last character the reader suspected.
The culprit's very unlikelihood has to help explain why the Joanna Yeates case has proven so universally unnerving.

▽Japan premier weighs into Olympus row - The Guardian
In an interview with the Financial Times that represents an unusual intervention by a Japanese politician in day-to-day business affairs, Yoshihiko Noda said he feared the outcry over vast payments to little-known offshore advisers could be seen as representative of wider governance problems in the country.

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▼圧倒的規模の原資必要 EU包括戦略、学識者の見方




▼「食べる美容液」 イタリア育ちのオーガニックはちみつ
《イデアインターナショナルが展開するオーガニックライフスタイルブランド「テラクオーレ(Terracuore)」は2011年10月8日から「テラクオーレ オーガニックはちみつ」を発売している。》

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News Headlines - 29 October 2011

▽Poet Higgins elected Ireland's ninth president - AFP
Irish poet and human rights activist Michael D. Higgins was officially confirmed as his country's ninth president on Saturday after winning nearly 57 percent of the vote in the final count.
The 70-year-old former culture minister for the Labour party, the junior partner in the coalition government in Dublin, staged a remarkable comeback to beat an ex-IRA commander and a reality TV star.

▽Bangkok braced for further flood devastation as water level rises - The Guardian
Wandee stands by the main road, now a knee-deep river, in the Sai Mai district of Bangkok, selling bottles of petrol to drivers as they inch their cars through the muddy water. Like the majority of the capital's residents, she is staying put despite evacuation orders following Thailand's worst floods in half a century and the waters continuing to rise. "We'll stay one more night," she said. "Well, unless it gets really high."

▽'Occupy' demonstrators battle wind and cold as storm moves in - CNN
Demonstrators encamped in a Lower Manhattan park faced New York's first snow storm of the season Saturday without the benefit of propane tanks and generators that they had been using to cook food and keep warm.

▽Qantas strike disrupts 13,000 travel plans - Telegraph.co.uk
Qantas has grounded its entire worldwide fleet because of industrial action by its employees – stranding an estimated 13,000 people over the next 24 hours.

▽Fresh fears of double dip as consumer confidence vanishes - Scotsman
CONSUMER confidence in the UK has fallen to its lowest level for almost three years, adding further weight to fears that the economy is returning to recession, a new survey has revealed.
The two previous occasions that market research group GfK’s monthly index was as weak – in mid-2008 and early 1990 – recession followed a few months later.

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《来年7月のロンドン20+ 件五輪まで国際Aマッチデーをフル活用して10試合以上の代表戦が組まれる予定になった。……2月の代表始動から五輪前までは6試合を行う予定。》

▼五輪公園の鉄塔、114・5mに ロンドン




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News Headlines - 28 October 2011

▽Physicists check whether neutrinos really can travel faster than light - The Guardian
The scientists who last month appeared to have found that certain subatomic particles can travel faster than light have fine-tuned their experiment to check whether the remarkable discovery is correct.

▽Russia poised to resume space station flights - Reuters
A Russian cargo ship is poised for liftoff on Sunday to the International Space Station following a launch accident in August that cut staffing levels aboard the orbital outpost.

▽Nokia launches its new Windows phones - Financial Times
Nokia unveiled its first range of Windows smartphones this week with a promise that the struggling Finnish handset maker would regain leadership in the market after lagging its rivals in recent years.

▽Apple contacting customers regarding iPhone 4S battery issues - SlashGear
Apple engineers have been contacting customers directly in an attempt to diagnose and resolve the battery issues that have been plaguing many new iPhone 4S owners. Apple Support Communities forum has a growing thread of users experiencing shorter battery life than expected on the iPhone 4S. The thread has now reached over 100,000 views and more than 1,300 replies all recounting similar experiences with the new Apple device.

▽Rail is Japan's newest export foothold in the UK - The Guardian
A consortium led by Hitachi will build the sequel to the Intercity 125 fleet – and its class 395 javelin carriages are already ferrying passengers from St Pancras to Ashford and beyond

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▼サイバー攻撃対処で国際会議 11月1日、ロンドンで





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News Headlines - 27 October 2011

▽Child killer found guilty of fourth murder - The Independent
A notorious paedophile already serving life imprisonment for the killings of three young girls was convicted in a Northern Ireland court of murdering a fourth thirty years ago.

▽Michael Jackson 'probably' addicted to Demerol — defense witness - Los Angeles Times
Michael Jackson was “probably” addicted to Demerol provided by his Beverly Hills dermatologist, a specialist in addiction medicine told jurors Thursday at the trial of the singer’s personal physician.

▽GLOBAL MARKETS-European debt deal ignites rally in stocks, euro - Reuters
A long-awaited plan to staunch the European debt crisis sparked euphoria across financial markets on Thursday, driving up the euro and the price of world stocks and commodities, while thrashing the dollar.

▽Yen Gains After BOJ Move Enhance Appeal of Japan Aiding Europe - Bloomberg
The Bank of Japan added 5 trillion yen ($66 billion) to an asset-purchase program after Europe announced an enlarged rescue fund to counter the region’s debt crisis. JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co. said the central bank’s measure was too little. The yen rose to 75.67 per dollar at 8:24 a.m. in New York.

▽Sony takes full control of Sony Ericsson joint venture - The Guardian
Sony pays £1.05bn to buy out handset manufacturer, and pledges to integrate its content onto the 'four screens' – smartphones, consoles, PCs and TVs – it manufactures

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姫野友美『成功する人は缶コーヒーを飲まない 「すべてがうまく回りだす」黄金の食習慣』(講談社プラスアルファ新書)


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▼ヨーロッパ3大都市を横断! 『タンタン』ワールド・プレミアでお披露目

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News Headlines - 26 October 2011

▽Eurozone banks given just eight months to raise €106bn - Telegraph.co.uk
The deadline was one of the few concrete resolutions to be agreed at the crucial debt crisis summit in Brussels.
The 27 heads of state said banks will be required to hold 9pc of the "highest quality" capital by June – but delayed decision on the details of other rescue measures until November.

▽Europe Agrees on Plan to Inject New Capital Into Banks - New York Times
European leaders agreed Wednesday on a plan to inject new capital into the continent’s banks to insulate them against potential sovereign debt defaults, as they worked late into the night to devise a comprehensive solution to the two-year-old euro zone debt crisis.

▽Cameron urged to apologise over 'blind man' comments to grieving Hillsborough families - Daily Mail
David Cameron has been urged to apologise to families of the Hillsborough victims after saying their search for closure was like a 'blind man, in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there'.

▽Japan's Corporate Olympus - Wall Street Journal
The most salient feature of the Olympus scandal, which forced Chairman Tsuyoshi Kikukawa to resign yesterday, is that it never would have become a scandal at all if the company hadn't hired a foreigner as CEO... According to a company spokesman, there were "major differences in management style and direction."

▽Nokia takes on Android with launch of Windows phones - The Guardian
With Apple and Google's Android now dominating the smartphone market, the world's largest phone maker is pinning its hopes of a business turnaround on the success of two models unveiled by chief executive Stephen Elop at the annual Nokia World event in London.

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▼アイルランド大統領選 元IRA司令官出馬で物議

▼ロンドン報告 2011年初冬 スコットランド独立問題と欧州危機=大和総研



《今年のベネチア国際映画祭のコンペ部門で上映され、マイケル・ファスベンダーが男優賞を受賞し、10月12日から27日まで開催中のロンドン映画祭での上映も好評だったイギリス映画『シェイム(原題) / Shame』が、にわかに賞レースへのスピードを速めてきている。……本作は、2008年に映画『ハンガー(原題) / Hunger』で長編デビューしたスティーヴ・マックイーン監督の新作。NYで活躍するビジネスマン、ブランドン(ファスベンダー)は、知的なイメージとは裏腹に、セックス依存症という問題を抱えていた。》

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News Headlines - 25 October 2011

▽The deadline Europe cannot afford to miss - BBC
By the early hours of Thursday, we may finally discover how much firepower has been amassed to try and blast away the debt turmoil steadily spreading from Europe's financially wayward periphery to its core.
At 18.00 local time in Brussels, all 27 leaders begin their crucial and once-delayed summit.

▽Turkey quake: Aftershock causes prison riot - BBC
An aftershock has been blamed for sparking a riot in a prison in the eastern Turkish city of Van, one of the places worst affected by Sunday's earthquake.
Smoke was seen billowing from the compound following reports that prisoners set fire to the jail because authorities refused to let them out.

▽BP sells $15bn in assets in preparation for legal battle over Macondo spill - The Guardian
BP is to raise a further $15bn (£9.4bn) by selling off assets ahead of a massive legal case over the Gulf of Mexico accident amid rising concern that the fines and liabilities could be higher than expected.

▽Amazon profit forecast disappoints, stock slumps - Reuters
Amazon.com Inc shocked investors with a far weaker-than-expected outlook for the crucial holiday season quarter as it spent heavily on its new Kindle Fire tablet computer.
The stock tumbled 12 percent Tuesday in extended trading as the news raised concern that Amazon was losing some of the revenue momentum that had helped investors overlook its razor-thin profit margins.

▽Japan MP urges Olympus probe as ex-CEO contacts FBI - Reuters
A senior Japanese lawmaker demanded a probe of "outlandish" advisory payments at Olympus and its ousted chief executive said he was in contact with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), piling pressure on the embattled company.

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▼円急騰、一時75円73銭 戦後最高値を更新


▼国連安保理事会 新非常任理事国にアゼルバイジャン



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News Headlines - 24 October 2011

▽EU referendum: Rebels lose vote in Commons - BBC
The prime minister has comfortably defeated attempts to bring about a referendum on Europe, despite a sizeable rebellion by Conservative MPs...
In all, 483 fell in line, while 111 defied party whips, a majority of 372.

▽U.S. Firms Involved in Olympus Deal - Wall Street Journal
Mr. Sagawa has met with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in New York about the matter in recent days, people familiar with the situation said. The FBI probe was reported earlier by the New York Times.

▽News Corp. Votes Show Ire Toward Murdochs - Wall Street Journal
The re-elections of Rupert Murdoch's sons, James and Lachlan, to the board of News Corp. drew heavy opposition at the company's annual meeting last Friday, with about one-third of voting shares that were cast going against the pair, according to a securities filing on Monday.

▽Jobs book reveals Apple’s recipe for success - Financial Times
Steve Jobs believed his greatest legacy would be Apple the company, rather than the breakthrough products such as the Mac and the iPad with which he is most associated, according to an authorised biography published on Monday.

▽Gaddafi to be buried in secret desert grave: NTC - Reuters
Ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi will be buried on Tuesday in a secret desert grave, a National Transitional Council official said, ending a wrangle over his rotting corpse that led many to fear for Libya's governability.

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▼EU脱退の国民投票 是か非か 英下院で採決、首相は火消しに躍起


▼オールブラックス24年ぶりV フランスに1点差…ラグビーW杯


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News Headlines - 23 October 2011

▽Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro - The Guardian
The bust-up between Cameron and Sarkozy held up the conclusion of the EU-27 summit for almost two hours, with the French president expressing rage at the constant criticism and lectures from UK ministers.
Sarkozy bluntly told Cameron: "You have lost a good opportunity to shut up." He added: "We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings."

▽Crunch Time for Franco-German Relations - Wall Street Journal
Germany believes those losses should be borne by euro-zone government bondholders, bank shareholders and the citizens of the countries that ran up the debts. France argues the damage to euro-zone credibility from failing to stand behind its governments and banks will ultimately cost taxpayers far more than supporting them with bailouts and liquidity facilities, including access to the unlimited firepower of the European Central Bank's balance sheet.

▽Far-right rise in Switzerland capped - Telegraph.co.uk
The Swiss People's Party (SVP) had aimed to better its 2007 score of 28.8 per cent, but its split with the Conservative Democratic Party (BDP) since the previous elections is now expected to have left it with seven fewer seats.
This time, it is projected to have polled just 26.8 per cent, marking the first time in 20 years that it has recorded a drop in support.

▽German satellite crashed in southeast Asia - Telegraph.co.uk
Most parts of the car-sized ROSAT research satellite were expected to burn up as they hit the atmosphere at speeds up to 280mph, but up to 30 fragments weighing a total of 1.87 tons, could have crashed, the German Aerospace Center said.

▽At least 138 dead after Turkey quake - USA Today
Cries of panic and horror filled the air as a magnitude-7.2 earthquake struck eastern Turkey, killing at least 138 people as buildings pancaked and crumpled into rubble. The death toll was expected to rise as rescuers sifted through the rubble and reached outlying villages.

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▼「多くの人が死んでいる」 7階建てビルも崩壊 「医者が必要だ」


▼銀行資本増強、来年6月期限に EU首脳会議、大筋合意へ



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News Headlines - 22 October 2011

▽Olympus trail reaches elusive banker's Florida home - Reuters
A former Wall Street banker of Japanese descent has emerged as a key figure in the scandal engulfing Japanese blue-chip company Olympus Corp, according to documents provided by the company's ex-CEO.

▽Olympus's $687 million advisory fee sets M&A record - Reuters
The $687 million fee Japan's Olympus Corp paid its financial advisers for the $2.2 billion purchase of a British medical equipment maker is one for the record books, literally.

▽Google, PE firms mull bid for Yahoo: WSJ - Reuters
Google Inc has spoken to at least two private equity firms about possibly helping them finance a deal to buy Yahoo Inc's core business, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing a person familiar with the matter.

▽Elderly people 'read iPads three times faster than normal books' - Daily Mail
Old people read faster than normal on an iPad, even though most claim to prefer 'real books', a study shows.
German researchers discovered that people of different ages could read just as well from iPads and Kindles as they do from traditional books.
In fact, old people read even faster using the the iPad as it made reading easier than both the Kindle and traditional book.

▽Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns - The Guardian
The world is getting warmer, countering the doubts of climate change sceptics about the validity of some of the scientific evidence, according to the most comprehensive independent review of historical temperature records to date.
Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, found several key issues that sceptics claim can skew global warming figures had no meaningful effect.

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▼ECBがイタリア国債買い入れたもよう 10年債利回り6%割れ

▼NY市場 円が最高値を更新


▼独衛星、23日未明~夜に落下 文科省が対応チーム


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News Headlines - 21 October 2011

▽British firms urged to 'pack suitcases' in rush for Libya business - The Guardian
The starting pistol for British firms to pursue contracts in Libya has been fired by the new defence secretary, Philip Hammond, who urged companies to "pack their suitcases" and head there to secure reconstruction contracts.

▽US troops to leave Iraq by end of year - Financial Times
President Barack Obama has declared that all 46,000 US troops still in Iraq will be withdrawn by the end of the year, with his administration telling Baghdad that time has run out to reach a deal that would have allowed a small American training force to remain in the country next year.

▽Murdoch sorry yet again as investors demand answers - The Independent
Speaking at the company's AGM in Los Angeles, he told Tom Watson, the Labour MP who has spearheaded a Parliamentary investigation into phone hacking, that allegations of the affair being even more widespread than previously thought are: "recent rumours".

▽Carmakers eye record 2012 if no "Lehman-style" crisis - Renault - Reuters
"Unless there is economic 'armageddon' and you see a 'Lehman-style' crisis, a huge surprise, I can tell you that 2012 will be another record year for the car industry no matter what Europe does," said Carlos Ghosn, who heads the two alliance partners.

▽£1 in every £10 is now spent online - Which?
Internet retail sales now account for almost £1 in every £10 spent in the UK, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
Internet retail sales in September reached £539.4 million, approximately 9.6% of total retail sales (excluding automotive fuel), compared with £415.9m in September 2010.

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▼反カダフィ派、大佐の埋葬延期方針 場所巡り内部対立

▼欧州危機克服に3関門 民間負担・銀行資本増強・基金の拡大

▼52年ぶりサッカー英国五輪代表 ピアース氏が男子監督に


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News Headlines - 20 October 2011

▽Muammar Gaddafi, the 'king of kings' dies in city of his birth - The Guardian
For the past three weeks, with Gaddafi's whereabouts still unknown, government fighters had been puzzled by the bitter and determined resistance from loyalist fighters. Trapped in a tiny coastal strip just a few hundred metres wide, they had refused to give up, even when a victory by the forces of Libya's National Transitional Council seemed inevitable.
Here at last was the answer: they had been fighting to the death with their once-great leader in their midst.

▽Basque group ETA ends armed independence campaign - The Associated Press
After killing more than 800 people across Spain over the last four decades in its drive for an independent state, the Basque separatist group ETA on Thursday said it would lay down its arms — but stopped short of declaring it was defeated.
The historic announcement was made via video by three ETA members wearing trademark Basque berets and masks with slits for their eyes. At the end of the clip, they defiantly raised their fists in the air demanding a separate Basque nation.

▽Russian 'spy' joked about bringing down half of NATO - Mirror.co.uk
A RUSSIAN “spy” joked that the Kremlin had congratulated her for bringing down half of Nato, a deportation panel was told yesterday.
Ekaterina Zatuliveter started a fling with a “50-something” European Nato worker “Y” after her four-year affair with Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock, the hearing heard.

▽David Cameron facing frontbench rebellion over EU referendum vote - The Guardian
David Cameron is bracing himself for the biggest rebellion since he took office, with possible frontbench resignations, when Tory MPs defy No 10 to vote in favour of a referendum on Britain's EU membership on Monday.

▽Olympus investors demand answers over fees - Financial Times
Olympus, the beleaguered Japanese camera maker, has come under fresh pressure after three big shareholders demanded answers about controversial deals revealed by its ousted chief executive.

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▼ギリシャでゼネスト、12万人デモ 政府緊縮策に抗議

《オビは担当警官のフィル・ウェルズ(Phil Wells)巡査と一緒に、ロンドン全域に広がった暴動のきっかけとなった警官による男性射殺事件が起きたロンドン北部トッテナム(Tottenham)で最初の暴動の最前線にいた。……その後、左の鼻孔から血が流れ出ているのが発見されて任務を解かれ、獣医によるスキャン検査を受けたところ、左眼孔上部付近の頭蓋骨が骨折していたことが分かった。》


▼銀行間金利で独禁法違反容疑 欧州委が金融機関に立ち入り調査

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News Headlines - 19 October 2011

▽Citigroup paying $285M to settle SEC fraud charges - Wall Street Journal
Citigroup has agreed to pay $285 million to settle civil fraud charges that it misled buyers of a complex mortgage investment just as the housing market was starting to collapse.
The Securities and Exchange Commission said Wednesday that the big Wall Street bank bet against the investment in 2007 and made $160 million in fees and profits. Investors lost millions.

▽Turkey Bombs Kurdish Rebels in Iraq After Deadly Attack - Voice of America
Turkey has launched a military operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq after rebels attacked army posts in southeastern Turkey, killing 24 soldiers and wounding 18. 

▽Dale Farm eviction: Essex police's use of Tasers at close range criticised - The Guardian
Essex police's tactics in spearheading the eviction of residents and protesters from Dale Farm came under criticism and questioning within hours of the start of the operation, particularly over the use of Tasers at apparently close range during the initial stages of their invasion of the site.

▽More Facebook Friends, Bigger Brain? - PC Magazine
All that time you spend Facebooking could be making your brain larger. Those with more friends on Facebook tend to have more grey matter in the portions of their brains linked to social skills, researchers have found.

▽MI5 officer says MP Mike Hancock was victim of Russian spy 'honeytrap' - Telegraph.co.uk
The female officer, referred to only as ZZ, said MI5 believed Ekaterina “Katia” Zatuliveter was “directed by the Russian Intelligence Service” to begin a sexual relationship with the married 65-year-old, who gave her a job as his researcher.

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▼エールフランスCEO更迭 収益悪化と事故で求心力低下

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News Headlines - 18 October 2011

▽EU calls off meeting with Ukraine president over Yulia Tymoshenko row - Telegraph.co.uk
The European Union on Tuesday called off a meeting with Viktor Yanukovych, the Ukrainian President, in a row over last week's jailing of his political rival Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former prime minister.

▽European Court outlaws patents on embryonic stem cell techniques - The Guardian
Research into new therapies for incurable and life-threatening diseases have suffered a blow with a European court ruling that procedures that use embryonic stem cells cannot be patented.
Senior scientists were dismayed by the judgment on Tuesday, which outlaws patents on stem cell techniques that involve the destruction of embryos. They fear it will hamper research and stifle commercial investment.

▽Facebook riots: appeals against 4-year jail terms thrown out - Mirror.co.uk
APPEALS by two men jailed for four years each after inciting trouble on Facebook during August’s riots were rejected by the Court of Appeal yesterday.
Defence lawyers claimed the sentences for Perry Sutcliffe-Keenan, 22, and Jordan Blackshaw, 21, were “manifestly excessive”.
But Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, said: “What both these appellants intended was to cause very serious crime. The sentencing judge was justi­-fied in concluding deterrent sentences were appropriate.”

▽Japan to Issue Guidelines For Detecting 'Hotspots' - Wall Street Journal
Alarmed by recent discoveries of radioactive "hot spots" in Tokyo and other areas far from the troubled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Japan will soon issue guidelines to help citizens and local officials detect contaminated areas and clean them safely, a government minister said.

▽Apple Loses Some of Its Shine - Wall Street Journal
Apple said Tuesday it sold more than 17 million iPhones in its fiscal fourth quarter ended Sept. 24, up from more than 14 million a year ago but lower than the 20 million or more that analysts had been expecting.

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▼「仏国債に格下げ圧力」 ムーディーズ、最上位から



▼「1Q84」英国で発売 イベントに多くのファン

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News Headlines - 17 October 2011

▽Ousted C.E.O. of Olympus Says Company Committed Fraud - New York Times
The British executive who was publicly pilloried as a bad manager when the Japanese company Olympus fired him on Friday, struck back on Monday, saying he was forced out because he was about to expose potential financial fraud at the company.

▽Olympus tensions rise on threat of legal action - Financial Times
“I went to the SFO and gave them all the correspondence and the PriceWaterhouse report, because if you make payments which are just so huge ... there’s no answer, and when you try to seek an answer, that’s when concerns arise of more sinister issues,” Mr Woodford told the Financial Times.

▽Ex-Olympus President Woodford Would Be ‘Delighted’ to Be Sued - BusinessWeek
Former Olympus Corp. President Michael C. Woodford said he would be “delighted” to be sued by the company, which fired him this month and whose executive vice president, Hisashi Mori, said is considering legal action against him for leaking information to the press.

▽Liam Fox broke ministerial code, official report to say - BBC
Former Defence Secretary Liam Fox broke the ministerial code in his dealings with his friend Adam Werritty, an official report is expected to say.

▽ALL Hillsborough papers will be released so that families can learn truth about tragedy, promises May - Daily Mail
Theresa May yesterday pledged to release every government document relating to the Hillsborough disaster to help victims' families get to the truth about the tragedy.
She spoke during an emotional Commons debate, which was called after almost 140,000 signed a petition calling for full public disclosure, 22 years after 96 Liverpool fans died in the tragedy.

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▼オリンパス、解任のウッドフォード氏が真相を語る 実態が分からないケイマン諸島の企業に消えた6億ドル




▼黒死病の猛威、その謎にせまる 研究
《ペスト菌(エルシニア・ペスティス、Yersinia pestis)のDNAは、14世紀の欧州の人びとには免疫防御が全くなかったという点で、進化論的に言ってとても成功を収めた病原菌だった。

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News Headlines - 16 October 2011

▽Ex-Olympus chief questioned payments - Financial Times
Olympus’ own auditors had privately identified problems with the Gyrus transaction, the documents show. KPMG, Olympus’ auditor until 2009, said in an internal report dated March that year: “In our opinion proper accounting records have not been maintained.”

▽Debt crisis plan wins G20 support - Sydney Morning Herald
EUROPE'S revamped strategy to beat its two-year sovereign debt crisis won the backing of global finance chiefs, who urged the region's leaders to deal "decisively" with the turmoil when they meet for emergency talks next weekend.

▽Global protests pressure G20 - Sydney Morning Herald
WORLD leaders are under pressure to produce a decisive plan to rescue the euro zone after a meeting of G20 finance ministers vowed that they did not want any ''contagion'' from Europe's financial crisis to affect their own economies.

▽90-plus arrested in NYC Occupy Wall Street protest - Wall Street Journal
New York police have arrested more than 90 people in connection to the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations against corporate greed.
The latest arrests came in the early morning hours on Sunday at Washington Square Park, when police took 14 people into custody for violating a midnight curfew at the park.

▽Rome cleans up devastation, asks why it happened - Reuters
Workers cleaned up the wreckage from some of Rome's worst riots in years on Sunday and citizens asked why their city was the only one in which global demonstrations turned violent.

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▼「不適切行為の調査したら解職された」 オリンパス前社長が英紙に主張


《米ニューヨークで先月に「ウォール街を占拠せよ(Occupy Wall Street)」と銘打って始まった格差是正を訴えるデモは15日、アジアや欧州にも波及、イタリアでは参加者が一部暴徒化し、70人以上が負傷する事態となった。

▼仏全国紙が初の紙面廃止 ネットへ移行、経営難で


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News Headlines - 15 October 2011

▽Virgin Atlantic and British Airways Compete Over BMI - New York Times
The rivalry between British Airways and Virgin Atlantic continues, this time over the midsize European carrier BMI.

▽Europe under pressure as G20 ministers meet in Paris - Telegraph.co.uk
The Group of 20 nations are pressuring eurozone leaders to draw an end under the region's debt crisis which has brought down its first bank.

▽Worldwide 'Occupy' protests held over financial crisis - BBC
Protesters in cities across the world are taking to the streets to demonstrate against alleged corporate greed and government cutbacks...
Many protest groups are taking their names from the high-profile Occupy Wall Street rally in New York.

▽Syria ‘on brink of civil war’ as double-edged conflict deepens - RT
RT’s team in Syria reports on the widening gap between the capital, which staunchly supports the Assad regime, and other parts of the country, which oppose it. Meanwhile, the UN is warning of a looming civil war.
Syria’s conflict has already claimed more than 3,000 lives, UN rights chief Navanethem Pillay said on Friday. He called for international protection of civilians in Syria and warned of a possible civil war.

▽Citizens’ Testing Finds 20 Hot Spots Around Tokyo - New York Times
The government’s failure to act quickly, a growing chorus of scientists say, may be exposing many more people than originally believed to potentially harmful radiation. It is also part of a pattern: Japan’s leaders have continually insisted that the fallout from Fukushima will not spread far, or pose a health threat to residents, or contaminate the food chain. And officials have repeatedly been proved wrong by independent experts and citizens’ groups that conduct testing on their own.

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▼フランス・パリでG20開幕 ヨーロッパの信用不安にユーロ圏の迅速な対応求める声上がる


▼「福島の英雄」授賞式に現場責任者 スペインの平和賞

▼スズキとVW、批判合戦 「契約違反」巡り法廷闘争も


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News Headlines - 14 October 2011

▽Occupy Wall Street protesters set for showdown with police - Telegraph.co.uk
Anti-Wall Street protesters in New York are preparing for a showdown with police when they attempt to shift them from the site today.

▽Syrian Forces Shoot at Protesters; 6 Killed - Voice of America
Syrian security forces have opened fire on protesters in several parts of the country, killing at least six people.

▽IAEA Urges Japan To Set Realistic Decontamination Goals - Wall Street Journal
The International Atomic Energy Agency, in a report released Friday, urged Japan to take a more focused and realistic approach to dealing with radioactive contamination in areas around the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in northeastern Japan, amid signs the Japanese government is becoming increasingly overwhelmed by public demands for decontamination.

▽Apple IPhone 4S Lines May Help Weekend Sales Hit 4 Million Units - BusinessWeek
Apple Inc. is poised to sell as many as 4 million units of its new iPhone 4S this weekend after customers around the world lined up to buy one of the last products developed under Steve Jobs.

▽Smartphones boost Sony Ericsson - Financial Times
Sony Ericsson, the mobile handset maker, has returned to gross profit in the third-quarter after sales rose by a third in the period on the back of growth of its smart phone business.

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▼欧州基金拡充策 スロバキア議会可決


▼イギリスの菓子職人 巨大なチョコレートを制作

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News Headlines - 13 October 2011

▽IMF Urges Japan to Do More to Cut Debt - Wall Street Journal
Japan must do more to convince investors it has a plan to set its fiscal house in order, the International Monetary Fund said Thursday, as European sovereign debt woes threaten to bring unwanted attention to Tokyo's own fiscal problems while the nation grapples with expensive post-disaster reconstruction.

▽Japan to decide on joining Pacific trade pact - BusinessWeek
Top Japanese officials said Wednesday the country will decide whether to join a U.S.-led Pacific-wide free trade zone ahead of a regional economic summit to be held in Hawaii next month.

▽French prosecutors drop Strauss-Kahn inquiry - AFP
French prosecutors dropped an investigation into former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Thursday, saying they had prima facie evidence of sexual assault but the case was too old to prosecute.

▽British PM consulting Canada on royal succession - CTV.ca
Cameron has written to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the heads of 14 other Commonwealth countries in order to solicit their opinions on updating the law.
Any such change would require unanimous consent from all 16 Commonwealth countries.

▽iOS 5: Users report failed updates and delays - Telegraph.co.uk
The sheer number of people trying to download the new Apple software appears to have caused problems with the company's servers. Many users reported long waiting times to download the operating system as well as failed updates.

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▼男女関係なく、長子優先へ 英首相、王位継承で法改正着手

▼バッキンガム宮殿前に白骨死体 王室マニアの米人男性か



▼イギリスの大衆紙『The Sun』が再びレゴブロックプレゼント
《おまけとはいえ、新聞に直接レゴブロックが付いてくるのではなく、新聞についたバウチャーを切り取り、近くの書店『WHSmiths』かショップ『Toys R Us』に持っていくと、アイテムと交換してくれるとのことです。
10月8日: スターウォーズ: スター・デストロイヤー
10月10日: ハリー・ポッター: ラブ
10月11日: シティ: ブルートラック
10月12日: エイリアンクエスト: ADUジェットパック
10月13日: カーズ2: グレムリン
10月14日: ニンジャゴー: 忍者トレーニング
10月15日: ハリーポッター: トロリー

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News Headlines - 12 October 2011

▽Bomb plots in Washington - Financial Times
Details of the plot come from the top of the Obama administration and the FBI. On Tuesday, senior officials announced that the US had arrested an Iranian-American who had been trying to persuade a member of los Zetas, a Mexican drug cartel, to kill Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi ambassador in Washington, if necessary by blowing him up in his favourite restaurant. These claims have been vehemently denied by Iran.

▽Unemployment rockets past 2.5m to reach 17-year high - Telegraph.co.uk
From October, it became unlawful to retire anyone on the grounds of age, with many employers rushing to retire those aged 65 or over during the summer months before the new rules took effect.

▽Black Death genome sequenced from DNA in 14th century skeletons - The Guardian
Now, by examining remains from some London cemeteries, scientists have deciphered the genetic makeup of the bacterium that caused the pandemic and have discovered that its DNA is not very different from that of the modern bug that causes bubonic plague.

▽Blackberry problems spread to US - BBC
Problems with the Blackberry smartphone system appear have to spread to the United States...
The latest development follows two days of sporadic blackouts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

▽Sony suspends 93,000 online accounts after break-in attempt - The Guardian
Up to 93,000 accounts have been compromised in a fresh attack on Sony's online servers, following an attack earlier this year that saw the company's PlayStation Network taken offline.

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▼スロバキア、欧州基金強化策を否決 週内にも再採決

▼フランス社会党、大統領候補に2氏 決戦投票へ

▼英国 「ビッグベン」の傾き急拡大



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News Headlines - 11 October 2011

▽US Foils 'Iranian Plot To Kill Ambassador' - Sky News
America's Justice Department has accused factions of the Iranian government of plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US.
Two men have been charged in New York with conspiracy to murder Adel al-Jubeir as part of a major terror attack on US soil.

▽Iran rejects U.S. allegations of Saudi envoy plot - Reuters
Iran rejected U.S. allegations that two Iranians planned to assassinate the Saudi envoy to Washington, calling it a "untrue and baseless," the country's English language Press TV reported on Tuesday.

▽Slovakia votes against expanded EFSF - Financial Times
The Slovak parliament will remain in session and is likely to hold a second vote later this week. Three of the four parties in Ms Radicova’s coalition support it and the left-wing opposition SMER party led by Robert Fico – who called the vote a “fiasco” for the government – indicated that it would be prepared to support the measure.

▽Virgin to use ‘recycled’ fuel on flights - Financial Times
Virgin Atlantic is aiming to run scheduled flights on a blend of ordinary and “recycled” fuel by 2015, giving a fillip to a technology that creates ethanol out of the emissions of carbon-intensive manufacturing operations such as steel plants.
The airline says it will use the fuel, which is being developed by New Zealand-based LanzaTech and Swedish Biofuels, on flights running between London and Shanghai and London and Delhi “within two or three years”.

▽BlackBerry email glitch continues and spreads - Financial Times
BlackBerry smartphone owners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa reported continuing problems with their service for a second day amid indications that the problems had spread to users in India and Latin America.
Research in Motion, the Canadian manufacturer of BlackBerry devices which also operates the dedicated network for BlackBerry users, had earlier claimed that it had resolved the problem believed to have begun at a company-owned data-centre in Slough.

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▼ロンドンでも反政府デモ 緊縮財政に反発



▼ドイツ政府がトロイの木馬「R2D2」を利用? ハッカー集団が発表
《ドイツのハッカー集団Chaos Computer Club(CCC)が、ドイツ政府によってスパイ目的で使われているトロイの木馬を見つけたと発表した。セキュリティ企業各社がブログで一斉に伝えた。……CCCでは、このマルウェアはドイツ政府が作成し、捜査機関によって使われていたと主張している。しかしF-Secureなどのセキュリティ各社は、作者や利用目的については確認できないとの立場を取っている。》

《ロンドンで開催中の第19回レインダンス映画祭で、ティーンエイジャーによるシェイクスピアとして注目されている、アダム・リー・ハミルトン&ジョン・モンテグランデ監督映画『ジュリアス・シーザー(原題)/ Julius Caesar』が上映された。……本映画祭終了と入れ違いに開幕となるロンドン映画祭の方でも、2本の注目シェイクスピア映画が参加している。1本は、現代の戦地を舞台にしたシェイクスピア劇で、俳優レイフ・ファインズの初監督映画となる『Coriolanus(原題)/コリオレイナス』、もう1本がシェイクスピア本人をテーマにしたローランド・エメリッヒ監督映画『作者不詳』だ。》

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News Headlines - 10 October 2011

▽4-Banks brace for capital calls after Dexia rescue - Reuters
Europe's banks expect to be told to raise more capital under a Franco-German effort to solve the euro zone debt crisis after the state rescue of Franco-Belgian lender Dexia .

▽Martin Weale: 'A lot of scope for more QE' - Telegraph.co.uk
Martin Weale, a member of the nine-strong Monetary Policy Committee that voted for "QE2", said: "There is quite a lot of scope for further quantitative easing.
Before the purchases that we announced last week, the amount of government debt in the system was actually higher than it had been before the earlier bout, so there is quite a lot more that could be done."

▽Egypt's Military Rulers Order Investigation of Cairo Clashes - Voice of America
Egypt's ruling military council has ordered the government to investigate the killings of at least 25 people in Sunday's deadly street battles between Coptic Christians and Egyptian security forces in Cairo.

▽Apple Says IPhone 4S Pre-Orders Top 1 Million in Single Day - BusinessWeek
Apple Inc. received more than one million pre-orders for the iPhone 4S in a single day, 67 percent more than for the previous version of the device.
Demand for the phone, introduced a day before Apple co- founder Steve Jobs passed away, is a tribute to the technology icon's legacy, said William Choi, an analyst at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC.
“It's the last phone developed with Steve Jobs at Apple,” Choi said in a telephone interview today. “There are definitely some sentiments at play here.”

▽3 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to iPhone 4S - Tom's Guide
1. It looks like the iPhone 4 and feels like the iPhone 4.
2. It supports 14.4 Mbps? Whatever you say.
3. No exceptional features
Even better, keep your current phone and wait for the iPhone 5.

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▽『国債・非常事態宣言 「3年以内の暴落」へのカウントダウン』

松田千恵子『国債・非常事態宣言 「3年以内の暴落」へのカウントダウン』(朝日新書)


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▼ユーロ貧国、なぜ負担? 重債務国支援 国民に不満拡大




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News Headlines - 09 October 2011

▽Revealed: how lobbyists were paid to facilitate meeting with Liam Fox - The Guardian
Invoices seen by the Guardian show that Harvey Boulter, the private equity boss at the heart of the growing controversy engulfing Fox, was paying £10,000 a month to lobbyists for help that included brokering the meeting with Fox through Adam Werritty, who claimed to be an "adviser to the Rt Hon Dr Fox MP".
This latest revelation comes as Fox finally admitted on Sunday that it had been "wrong" for him to meet Boulter, a commercial partner of the Ministry of Defence, in Dubai's five-star Shangri-la hotel without any officials present.

▽Huhne says sorry to May for revealing conference cat claim was Ukip copy - The Guardian
Chris Huhne, the energy secretary, has apologised to the home secretary, Theresa May, after revealing he was the source of a story in Saturday's Guardian pointing out the similarities between her speech to the Conservative party conference and that of a speech by the Ukip leader, Nigel Farage.

▽David Cameron rewrites immigration speech after resistance from industry - The Guardian
Plans to compel firms to publish lists of immigrants on their payroll abandoned because they would be a burden

▽Man in wheelchair caught on CCTV looting during riots is jailed - Mirror.co.uk
A MAN in a wheelchair captured on CCTV with a stolen TV during the summer riots has been jailed for a year, Scotland Yard said yesterday.

▽Church sends out 100,000 protest cards against same sex marriage - Scotsman
THE Catholic Church has warned government ministers that they face a major rebellion over same-sex marriage plans, after sending 100,000 "protest cards" to its parishioners.

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▼ノーベル文学賞のトーマス・トランストロンメル氏 隠喩を駆使する「現代の神秘家」


《明日10月8日より、ミュージカル「モンティ・パイソンのスパマロット featuring SPAM」東京公演のチケットが発売される。


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News Headlines - 08 October 2011

▽High-speed rail could link Gatwick and Heathrow airports in 15 minutes - Telegraph.co.uk
The £5bn plan – creating a hub known as Heathwick – would mean there is no need to build another airport to serve London or expand the current facilities at Heathrow.

▽Syrian Forces Kill 5 During Funeral of Kurdish Leader - Voice of America
Syrian Kurdish leaders are accusing government security forces of firing on mourners during the funeral of a prominent Kurdish party leader Saturday in the northern town of Qamishli.

▽Yemen's president again promises to step down - Los Angeles Times
President Ali Abdullah Saleh has broken similar promises in the past, but he appears to be losing control over a nation engulfed in protests and fighting.

▽Dalai Lama Criticizes 'Immoral' Chinese Censorship - Voice of America
The Dalai Lama sharply criticized censorship in China as "immoral" during a video chat with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

▽Venus springs ozone layer surprise - BBC
Until now, ozone layers have only been detected in the atmospheres of Earth and Mars.
The find could help astronomers refine their hunt for life on other planets.

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▼米雇用統計:失業率横ばい9.1% 就業者は10.3万人増--9月


《17世紀のヨーロッパは、戦争やインフレーション、飢饉(ききん)など、混乱と不安にあふれていた。歴史学では「全般的危機(The General Crisis)」や「17世紀の危機」と言われている。

▼ノーベル平和賞:女性3人に 権利向上へ「非暴力の闘い」

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News Headlines - 07 October 2011

▽Moody’s downgrades 12 UK lenders - Financial Times
Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group and 10 other UK financial institutions were downgraded by Moody’s to reflect the reduced likelihood that the UK government will bail them out in a future crisis, even as a European effort to recapitalise the continent’s banking system appeared to gather momentum.

▽Russians in London: Super-rich in court - Financial Times
The nub of the case is whether or not Mr Abramovich then intimidated Mr Berezovsky – with apparent Kremlin backing – into selling a stake in Sibneft, an oil giant, at a knock-down price. Mr Berezovsky seeks in excess of $5bn damages for the stake, plus $565m for the alleged sale without his permission of shares in aluminium company Rusal that he claims Mr Abramovich held on his behalf.

▽Samsung Nexus Prime smartphone launch on hold – because of Steve Jobs? - The Guardian
Samsung, the biggest rival to Apple in the smartphone business and which is involved in a number of bitter courtroom battles with the US company, has abruptly postponed its scheduled launch of a new top-end phone next Tuesday.

▽Schwarzenegger back home to inaugurate museum - BBC
Arnold Schwarzenegger has inaugurated a museum dedicated to his life in his childhood home in Austria.

▽Indian summer sees exotic moths fly in - The Guardian
As the favoured signature of the serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs, the death's-head hawk moth is a harbinger of pestilence and death. But the benign sunshine and warm southerly winds of an Indian summer have brought the rare moth flying to our shores.

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▼プーチン首相、「ユーラシア同盟」提唱 旧ソ連圏で




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News Headlines - 06 October 2011

▽Steve Jobs dies: full coverage - Telegraph.co.uk
Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO, has died at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer. "The world has lost a visionary," Barack Obama says in tribute.

▽Smartphones most popular platform for videogame developers - The Independent
An increasing number of videogame developers in the UK are turning to self-publishing, with the smartphone market emerging as the most popular gaming platform.
A new survey has found that 47 per cent of UK game developers self-publish games and of those, 67 per cent develop for the Apple iPhone.

▽Microsoft to win approval for Skype deal - Financial Times
Microsoft is set to win Brussels approval for its planned $8.5bn (€5.9bn) acquisition of online telephone service Skype, highlighting the turnround in its long-strained relations with European competition authorities.

▽Wayne Rooney's father arrested over alleged football betting scam - The Guardian
Police have arrested Wayne Rooney's father, his uncle Richie and seven other people, including a Scottish Premier League player, over allegations of a football betting scam...
Motherwell midfielder Steve Jennings was arrested after allegedly getting himself sent off deliberately during the match.

▽Japanese political power-broker Ozawa goes on trial - BBC
Ichiro Ozawa, one of Japan's most influential politicians, has gone on trial on charges of breaking political fundraising laws.

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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.


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▼ギリシャで政府の財政緊縮策に抗議する公務員らの労組がスト 一部デモ隊が警官隊と衝突

《国際通貨基金(IMF)のボルヘス欧州局長は5日、ブリュッセルでの記者会見で、IMFはユーロ圏の債務危機を食い止めるために同諸国 の国債を流通市場で買い支える特別な仕組みを設ける可能性があると述べた。》



《任天堂フランスは、フランス控訴審において"リンカー"(日本で言うところのマジコン)を巡って、輸入販売業者のDivineo SARLほか5社に対する判決があり、46万ユーロの罰金、任天堂に対する4億8000万ユーロの損害賠償、そして数名に対する執行猶予付きの懲役刑が言い渡されたと発表しました。》

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News Headlines - 05 October 2011

▽UK recession deeper than first thought - Financial Times
Britain’s economy contracted even more sharply during the recession than previously believed and its recovery so far this year has been even more anaemic, according to official data on Wednesday that incorporated new information and methodology into the calculations.

▽David Cameron has no ideas how to boost the economy - Mirror.co.uk
WITH Britain plunging towards a double-dip recession, it was the ideal chance for David Cameron to deliver his master plan to get the country back on its feet.
But the clueless PM failed to come up with a single idea on how to arrest the alarming slide towards further financial disaster as growth shudders to a halt.

▽Tony Blair is of 'no use at all' says Palestinian leadership - Telegraph.co.uk
The Palestinian leadership has publicly called for the removal of Tony Blair from his position as Middle East peace envoy, raising fresh questions as to whether he can continue in the role.

▽Apple's Steve Jobs Is Dead - Wall Street Journal
Steven P. Jobs, the Apple Inc. chairman and co-founder who pioneered the personal computer industry and changed the way people think about technology, died Wednesday at the age of 56.

▽Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dies aged 56 - The Guardian
The homepage of Apple's website now displays a full-page image of Jobs with the text: "Steve Jobs 1955-2011."

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News Headlines - 04 October 2011

▽Apple unveils new iPhone 4S - Telegraph.co.uk
The new iPhone 4S, which comes with 16, 32 or 64GB of storage, will be released in seven countries, including Britain, on October 14th.
The new handset looks the same as the iPhone 4 but contains considerable upgrades to its components.

▽Moody's downgrades Italy for first time in two decades - Telegraph.co.uk
Italy’s credit rating was cut by Moody’s for the first time in almost two decades on concern the government will struggle to reduce the region’s second-largest debt amid chronically weak growth.

▽Bernanke Issues Warning, Urges Action on Economy - Wall Street Journal
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned the U.S. economic recovery was "close to faltering," and said Congress and the White House had a "shared responsibility" with the central bank to respond.

▽U.N. Resolution on Syria Blocked by Russia and China - New York Times
Months of wrangling at the Security Council over a resolution condemning Syria failed on Tuesday after Russia and China vetoed a resolution that contained a weak reference to the possibility of sanctions against Damascus.

▽Amanda Knox found not guilty of murder by Italian jury, in appeals trial - CBS News
The two experts found that police conducting the investigation had made glaring errors in evidence-collecting and that below-standard testing and possible contamination raised doubts over the attribution of DNA traces, both on the blade and on the bra clasp, which were collected from the crime scene 46 days after the murder.

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▼NY株、欧州不安で250ドル超下落 終値1年ぶり安値

▼アジア株が全面安 欧州不安・中国景気懸念で



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News Headlines - 03 October 2011

▽Greek gloom rocks markets, troubles lenders - Reuters
Greece's admission that it will miss its deficit target this year despite harsh new austerity measures sent stock markets reeling on Monday and raised new doubts over a planned second international bailout.

▽Surprise manufacturing boost lifts recovery hopes - Telegraph.co.uk
George Osborne was handed some rare good news on the economy ahead of his conference speech as manufacturing activity posted a surprise resurgence in September.

▽Chelsea owner sued over oil shares - The Press Association
Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich "betrayed and blackmailed" fellow Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky and demonstrated that wealth and influence meant more to him than loyalty and friendship, a barrister has alleged in the High Court.

▽Arsenal struggling to make top eight - Lee Dixon - BBC
Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon believes the Gunners' current defensive problems could leave them struggling to make the Premier League's top eight.

▽Rowan Atkinson back as spoof spy Johnny English - Reuters
Rowan Atkinson is back as bumbling spy Johnny English in the sequel to his 2003 hit, but despite work on comic classics "Not the Nine O'Clock News" and "Blackadder," the comedian does not find filming much fun.

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▼「オペラ座の怪人」25周年 ロンドンで記念公演

▼パリで街角レンタルEV、発進 世界初のシステム

▼米テスラ社、新EV工場を初公開 年内にも生産開始

▼北極にもオゾンホール 今春観測、紫外線増加の恐れ


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News Headlines - 02 October 2011

▽Greece To Miss Deficit Goal, Cabinet Okays Job Cuts - Wall Street Journal
Greece's government acknowledged Sunday that it will miss its deficit targets this year, but moved ahead with a controversial plan to slash thousands of public sector jobs to meet the demands of its international creditors.

▽Bank of England is expected to steam on with quantitative easing programme - This is Money
The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee is expected to vote on Thursday to pump another £50bn into the ailing UK economy, expanding the stock of the quantitative easing programme to £250bn since it began buying assets in March 2009.

▽Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge - New York Times
In a tense showdown above the East River, the police arrested more than 700 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests who took to the roadway as they tried to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

▽Nobel prizes: Asian scientists set to topple America's run of wins - The Guardian
American scientists will again sweep the majority of Nobel prizes at this week's award announcements in Sweden, analysts have predicted. But they have also warned this dominance may soon come to end.

▽Older iPhone sales to increase up to 70% with iPhone 5 launch - T3 http://www.t3.com/news/older-iphone-sales-to-increase-up-to-70-with-iphone-5-launch
With the iPhone 5 expected to launch on October 4, sales of older iPhone models are expected to increase up to 70%, according to eBay, the online auction site.

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▽『孫正義が語らない ソフトバンクの深層』

菊池雅志『孫正義が語らない ソフトバンクの深層』(光文社)


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▼ギリシャ、税務当局までスト 電力会社が徴税肩代わり




《今年で25周年を迎える「ゼルダの伝説」シリーズ。年末にはWii『ゼルダの伝説 スカイウォードソード』の発売も予定されていますが、英国では面白いイベントが行われるそうです。

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News Headlines - 01 October 2011

▽Anwar Awlaki killed by U.S. drone in Yemen - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Predator drone aircraft armed with Hellfire missiles carried out the targeted killing in northern Yemen of Anwar Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric who was a U.S. citizen, and also killed another American who produced virulent propaganda for Al Qaeda.

▽FBI, security officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing - CNN
U.S. officials are warning the killing of American-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the face of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, could spark retaliatory attacks, according to a bulletin obtained by CNN.

▽Killer of governor of Pakistan's Punjab sentenced to death - Reuters
A Pakistani court sentenced to death on Saturday the killer of the governor of Pakistan's largest province after he had called for reform of a law against blasphemy, a defense lawyer and state-run media said.

▽Abolition of default retirement age will impact on youth employment - MyFinances.co.uk
The move could also make employment prospects for young people even more difficult. The UK currently has high levels of youth unemployment and at a time when job opportunities are few and far between, older employees putting back retirement will mean that employment opportunities for younger people to replace older retiring workers will be less.

▽World’s first Google store opens in London - Telegraph.co.uk
Google has opened its first physical shop. The ‘Chromezone’ is a shop within a branch of Currys and PC World on London’s Tottenham Court Road, and is being used by Google to trial a new way of selling its own ‘Chromebook’ laptops.

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▼独下院、安定基金の拡充を可決 欧州危機対応なお波乱含み


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