News Headlines - 01 October 2011

▽Anwar Awlaki killed by U.S. drone in Yemen - Los Angeles Times
U.S. Predator drone aircraft armed with Hellfire missiles carried out the targeted killing in northern Yemen of Anwar Awlaki, a radical Muslim cleric who was a U.S. citizen, and also killed another American who produced virulent propaganda for Al Qaeda.

▽FBI, security officials warn of possible retaliation over al-Awlaki killing - CNN
U.S. officials are warning the killing of American-born militant cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, the face of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, could spark retaliatory attacks, according to a bulletin obtained by CNN.

▽Killer of governor of Pakistan's Punjab sentenced to death - Reuters
A Pakistani court sentenced to death on Saturday the killer of the governor of Pakistan's largest province after he had called for reform of a law against blasphemy, a defense lawyer and state-run media said.

▽Abolition of default retirement age will impact on youth employment - MyFinances.co.uk
The move could also make employment prospects for young people even more difficult. The UK currently has high levels of youth unemployment and at a time when job opportunities are few and far between, older employees putting back retirement will mean that employment opportunities for younger people to replace older retiring workers will be less.

▽World’s first Google store opens in London - Telegraph.co.uk
Google has opened its first physical shop. The ‘Chromezone’ is a shop within a branch of Currys and PC World on London’s Tottenham Court Road, and is being used by Google to trial a new way of selling its own ‘Chromebook’ laptops.







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