News Headlines - 04 October 2011

▽Apple unveils new iPhone 4S - Telegraph.co.uk
The new iPhone 4S, which comes with 16, 32 or 64GB of storage, will be released in seven countries, including Britain, on October 14th.
The new handset looks the same as the iPhone 4 but contains considerable upgrades to its components.

▽Moody's downgrades Italy for first time in two decades - Telegraph.co.uk
Italy’s credit rating was cut by Moody’s for the first time in almost two decades on concern the government will struggle to reduce the region’s second-largest debt amid chronically weak growth.

▽Bernanke Issues Warning, Urges Action on Economy - Wall Street Journal
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned the U.S. economic recovery was "close to faltering," and said Congress and the White House had a "shared responsibility" with the central bank to respond.

▽U.N. Resolution on Syria Blocked by Russia and China - New York Times
Months of wrangling at the Security Council over a resolution condemning Syria failed on Tuesday after Russia and China vetoed a resolution that contained a weak reference to the possibility of sanctions against Damascus.

▽Amanda Knox found not guilty of murder by Italian jury, in appeals trial - CBS News
The two experts found that police conducting the investigation had made glaring errors in evidence-collecting and that below-standard testing and possible contamination raised doubts over the attribution of DNA traces, both on the blade and on the bra clasp, which were collected from the crime scene 46 days after the murder.







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